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How to Win Your Case Using the Latest Discovery Technology

Discovery is a challenging and rewarding process. The rewards are frequently based on the speed and efficiency of data acquisition and its interpretation; the pitfalls are related to the lack thereof. Therefore, success in the discovery process is only as effective as the technology used to uncover and apply it. The most important aspect of […]

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Bill Marler

A Chat With Foodborne Illness Injury Lawyer Bill Marler

In the June issue of NWLawyer, we spoke with attorney Bill Marler, widely recognized as an expert in plaintiffs’ litigation for foodborne illness injuries and, perhaps most famously, the attorney who represented children injured during the 1993 Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak. That interview resulted in far too much to fit in a […]

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Cover of June NWLawyer

The Business of Ag and More in NWLawyer

There were 6.8 million farms in the U.S. in 1935, according to the USDA, which was enough for one out of every 20 Americans to have their own farm. But as the years wore on and the country went through revolutionary changes in industry and infrastructure, the number of farms slipped lower and lower to […]

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Several bottles of prescription medication on a table.

Prescription Restriction: How Washington is Addressing Opioid Addiction

There is no shortage of alarming statistics when it comes to opioids. More people died from opioid overdoses in 2017, two per day, in Washington than in traffic fatalities. The average Washingtonian in the same year was about as likely to have a prescription for an opioid as to be left-handed, roughly 8 percent and 10 percent, respectively. In 2011, […]

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Cover of May 2019 NWLawyer

The Case That Struck Down the Death Penalty

Allen Gregory was going to be put to death for aggravated murder—yet more than 20 years after the crime, Gregory’s appeal to the Washington Supreme Court resulted in an unprecedented court-ordered analysis of death penalty cases and, ultimately, the end of capital punishment in the state. The new issue of NWLawyer takes a long look […]

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Woman getting acupuncture to her back in a clinic

Acupuncture for Lawyers: How an Old Method Has New Potential

I used to joke that practicing law was the worst thing I’d ever done for my health, both mental and physical. Turns out, it wasn’t really a joke and I am not alone. For myself, I have found tremendous benefit from acupuncture, the centuries-old method of treating mental and physical ailments with fine needles applied […]

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Washington Capitol

Highlights & Accomplishments in the Legislative Session

The 105-day 2019 regular session, the biennial “long session” in the Washington state Legislature, has come to an end. From the beginning in Jan. 14 through adjournment on April 28, legislators passed a myriad of policy measures, as well as a new 2019-2021 state operating budget (including plans for increased higher-education spending and a rebuild […]

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