Teleworking man with dog

How to Make Working at Home Work for You

Our days have a completely new schedule. I have spoken to attorneys who are lounging too much and not getting their work done, and then I have spoken to those who are trying too hard to prove they are connected and committed. It’s harder to compartmentalize work and personal life when they are one room apart.

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Attorney working on documents

Managing Client Trust Accounts During a Pandemic

Even on a good day, trust accounts can be a source of anxiety for legal professionals. As we contend with this new normal of remote work and social distancing, you may be concerned about how issues stemming from the coronavirus will affect the management of your client trust accounts.

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Movie theater marquee: "WSBA at the Movies"

WSBA Goes to the Movies

NWSidebar is proud to announce our latest release, “WSBA at the Movies”: lawyer movie reviews from two people who know lawyers and movies. We’re keeping tabs on new releases that have a legal bent and bring you a unique-point-of-view after they hit the box office.

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Washington State Capitol Building

Wrap Up: 2020 Legislative Session

Legislators passed a number of policy measures, as well as a $10.4B state transportation budget intended to mitigate Initiative 976’s potential effects on transportation spending and a $53.4B supplemental state budget that directs $200M to COVID-19 response.

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