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Bar Exam Essentials Part 1: Practical Preparations

It’s one of the most notorious trials in academia: the bar exam. A two-day marathon of three tests in one—six questions for the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), two Multistate Performance Tests (MPT), and 200 multiple choice questions on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE)—it is the quintessential assessment of legal knowledge necessary to practice law in […]

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Cover of NWLawyer in the grass

The Hottest Legal News in the Summer Issue of NWLawyer

From corner to corner, Washington state is a geographic and geologic smorgasbord encompassing densely packed forest and glacial-carved craggy mountain peaks, copper-colored grasslands and scrubby deserts, crushed urban jungles and placid fertile hills. And Washington’s legal community is equally varied in what they love about where they work, from folks looking to escape the perpetually […]

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A frozen clock

Time of Change for Time Change: Legal Complexities of Permanent Daylight Saving Time

Most of what we think we know about daylight saving time is wrong. Farmers started it? Nope; they’ve historically lobbied against it. The Germans started it in World War I? Yes, but the concept had earlier origins. Most people hate it? Polling shows a less definitive public opinion than you might think. It’s pointless? Actually, […]

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A group of young lawyers

Being the Voice for New and Young Lawyers in Labor and Employment Law: Tales from a Liaison

You could label Sarah Burke a new and young lawyer, though she’s anything but new to labor and employment law. Burke grew up in a “union household,” as she describes it. Her father was a union organizer and Burke developed the same passion for labor organizing and advocacy. In 2011, Burke followed in her father’s […]

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How to Win Your Case Using the Latest Discovery Technology

Discovery is a challenging and rewarding process. The rewards are frequently based on the speed and efficiency of data acquisition and its interpretation; the pitfalls are related to the lack thereof. Therefore, success in the discovery process is only as effective as the technology used to uncover and apply it. The most important aspect of […]

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Cover of June NWLawyer

The Business of Ag and More in NWLawyer

There were 6.8 million farms in the U.S. in 1935, according to the USDA, which was enough for one out of every 20 Americans to have their own farm. But as the years wore on and the country went through revolutionary changes in industry and infrastructure, the number of farms slipped lower and lower to the most recent count of just over 2 million farms, even as the total population has more than doubled.

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