Cover of NWLawyer September 2017

It’s Here: The September Issue of NWLawyer

Inside the latest issue of NWLawyer, you’ll find: cross-examination tips from one of the state’s leading trial lawyers; an in-depth look at the use of police body-worn cameras in Washington; and an exploration of mandatory malpractice insurance. You can also take our 11-question quiz to test your knowledge on gender barriers. See how much you […]

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ICE agents making an arrest

Immigration Enforcement Must Not Restrict Victims’ Rights, Due Process

Imagine you’re an undocumented resident of Washington state. Last night your significant other came home drunk, threw you across the bedroom, and threatened your life. What do you do? Most legal professionals would advise you to go immediately to the courthouse and file a motion for a protection order. But you hesitate, recalling news reports […]

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Noah Purcell on NWLawyer cover

NWLawyer: Noah Purcell on How Washington State Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban

This month’s cover of NWLawyer is dedicated to Solicitor General, Noah Purcell, who stopped the president’s travel ban in its tracks. This month’s cover of NWLawyer is dedicated to Washington’s Solicitor General Noah Purcell, who went head to head with the Trump administration in the Ninth Circuit Court to stop the president’s travel ban in […]

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Trump and Neil Gorsuch

From Nomination to Confirmation: The U.S. Supreme Court Confirmation Process

Confirming justices to the U.S. Supreme Court involves several steps. Here’s how the confirmation process works. More than a year after the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the Senate Judiciary Committee has finally completed confirmation hearings to fill the vacancy, and the full Senate is poised to vote amid threat of filibuster. President […]

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Cover of March NWLawyer

Hot Off the Press (and Web): the Latest Issue of NWLawyer

In the March issue of NWLawyer, we hear from WSBA members on their views on President Trump’s executive orders on immigration, including: an in-depth legal analysis of the orders, perspective from an Iranian-American attorney, and a story about an innovative solution that employs technology to assist immigrants and refugees in need of representation.

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Washington Capitol

State Legislature Gavels in a New Session with Focus on Funding

State lawmakers began their 2017 session with a flurry of activity, with budgetary issues a main priority for legislators, who are under pressure to come up with a plan for funding basic education. Fiscal committees held hearings on Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed 2017-2019 budget. Policy committees opened hearings on statewide civil legal aid services, […]

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Cartoon of man with mouth full of bricks

Supreme Court Holds No Privilege for Communications with Former Employees

In a case of first impression in Washington, the state Supreme Court recently held that communications between corporate or governmental counsel and former employees do not fall within the attorney-client privilege even if the communications concern matters that occurred during a former employee’s work for the corporation or government agency involved. The Supreme Court’s 5–4 […]

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Victoria Woodhull, Belva Ann Lockwood, Shirley Chisholm, Lenora Fulani, and Jill Stein

Friday 5: Women Who Ran for President

Hillary Clinton made history this election season, but she is far from the first female candidate. Hillary Clinton made history this election season by being the first woman nominated for president by a major political party. But she is far from the first female candidate — women have been running for president since the late […]

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