New Columns for the New Normal in the New Bar News

Cover of Bar News Sept. 2021

Among the many problems with COVID-19, this interminable pandemic does not respect print editorial production schedules. Keep that in mind when you check the latest issue of Washington State Bar News, where you’ll likely find yourself wondering, “Since when are we going ‘back to the office?’”

Due to our ever-shifting definition of “normal,” the light we thought we saw at the end of the tunnel not long ago has since dimmed—as case numbers hit another peak and hopes of getting back to actual normal were put on hold.

However, when the real new normal does arrive, it’s good to know that there are people today preparing for the eventuality of a return to the office, in some capacity or another. In this issue of Bar News, we debut a new column, “Ask a Legal Administrator,” in which law firm administrators from across the state discuss pressing administrative issues in the legal profession and provide insights, opinions, and advice. In the debut column, our panel of administrators take on questions like:

  • Will employees be required to disclose their vaccination status?
  • Will they be required to return to in-person work?
  • Will they be allowed to work outside the state?

In another Bar News first, we scour counties from across the state to find out what’s happening at local bar associations and have compiled them into the debut printing of the Bar Notes column. In this issue, see what’s been happening in Clark, Ferry, Kitsap, and Spokane Counties. Want to report on the latest goings on with your local county bar association? Email with “county bar association update” in the subject line.

Then check out the other great features and columns this month. We break down Washington’s new Long-Term Care Act, discuss “legal deserts” in rural Washington, look at the numbers in the new budget, show you how to bedazzle readers with your introduction, explain the new malpractice insurance disclosure requirement, and more.