Art and Law Meet in Washington State Bar News

Cover of July-August Bar News

What do lawyers do with their precious non-billable hours? In some cases, they devote themselves to their art.

In the new issue of Washington State Bar News, we hear from six lawyer artists about their creative processes and how their legal training has influenced their music, poetry, photography, stage play directing, and even podcasting. Check this issue’s cover story, “Creative Counsel.”

Summer may be half over, but considering how 2020 keeps out-2020ing itself, we will likely continue to have plentiful free time for the duration. While you’re holed up, might as well bury your thoughts in a good book. Check out the top titles WSBA members recommend to fill out your summer reading list.

Also in this issue, WSBA President Rajeev Majumdar writes in his President’s Corner column about reenvisioning the criminal justice system, while guest columnist Riddhi Mukhopadhyay, executive director of Sexual Violence Law Center, talks about reimagining legal representation for survivors of sexual assault. Cheryl M. Heuett follows up on an earlier column for Ethics in the Law to further clarify the crucial difference between deposited funds and collected funds for lawyer trust accounts. In an interview with UW Professor and author Robin Chapman, she explains the “fabulous tales and a considerable corpus of erotic verse” in 13th-century Welsh law books. With July 2020 marking the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Reisha Abolofia shares her perspective on the historic civil rights law from the viewpoint of someone diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her third year of law school.

Then Erik Rasmussen talks cybersecurity threats for the working-from-home lawyer, Christopher W. Savage explains Washington’s first-of-its-kind law on facial recognition technology, and WSBA Treasurer Daniel D. Clark breaks down the latest budget numbers.