Top 4 Freebies of Joining a Section

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Zero, zip, zilch, nada, naught, nil, nothing.

If you want savings, savings, SAVINGS! you’ve come to the right place. Sure, frequently highlighted are the less-tangible benefits that come with joining a WSBA Section: being at the forefront of developments in your practice area, gaining insight from fellow legal professionals, and even affecting laws that affect your area of law.

Those are all great reasons; but what about the coin, the cheddar; the cold, hard cash? Granted, joining a section is a modest investment—even on the high end it’s about a quarter the cost of your Netflix subscription—but maybe you’re wondering what you get for your greenbacks.

Did we mention savings already? What about free perks and bonuses? Yeah … free.

Here’s how joining a section saves legal professionals big bucks.

Free CLEs

Section members often get free access to the mini-CLEs their section produces, as well as other CLE discounts. Mini-CLEs are an easy way to knock out a few credits; sometimes in as little time as a lunch break, as they don’t last more than two hours.

On top of that, many sections offer member discounts on the section’s larger half-day and full-day CLEs. In many cases, the savings on the CLE are the same as the cost of a section membership, so you could think of it like buying a CLE and getting a section membership for free.

Free Publications

A number of sections produce their own publications, which go out as a free benefit to members. In addition to recurring newsletters that highlight the section’s recent activities, several sections also put out in-depth publications that are stuffed with expert insights on noteworthy aspects of their particular area of law.

Free Mingles, Meetups, and Mentoring

Whether you’re new to the world of lawyering, a recent transplant from a different city, or even considering transitioning to a new area of law, a good mentor and professional network is priceless.

Section members quickly gain access to large, interconnected networks of experienced legal professionals. In addition to online communities and list serves—where helpful section members are always trading advice, asking questions, and sharing resources—sections also frequently host free receptions and networking events for their members to meet face-to-face, forge friendships, and expand their professional connections.

Free Membership for New Members

Welcome aboard, brand-spankin’ new WSBA member!

Not only do you have the opportunity to join one or more sections and access the cornucopia of free section benefits listed above, but members within their first year of practice can join a WSBA section for free. (New and young lawyers interested in taking more of a leadership role with their section can also look into becoming a Young Lawyer Liaison to Sections.)

That’s like a free product trial, but for your professional development and for a whole year.

Why Wait?

Beginning Dec. 1, any WSBA member can apply to join one or more sections and get a full year of membership (technically, one year plus a month if you sign up on Dec. 1) through 2020. Already in a section? Don’t forget to renew your membership when you complete your licensing renewal.

Head to the myWSBA CLE Store to join any of the 29 available sections, or check the  Sections at WSBA page to learn more about what each has to offer.