WSBA Practice Management Tools and Member Discounts Evolve

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The WSBA Practice Management Discount Network has been invaluable to a budget conscious new business owner, and the array of discounts is especially appealing.

After working hard to attain my Limited License Legal Technician license, the time came to launch my business. I needed tools and resources and, most importantly, a place to start. The WSBA Practice Management Discount Network has been invaluable to a budget conscious new business owner, and the array of discounts is especially appealing.

Although I had a lot of previous experience working for attorneys, now it was all on me, and I was building my practice from the ground up with limited startup funds. It all started with a phone call. The WSBA Practice Management Assistance Program offered complementary guidance and help that was both professional and an effective way to develop my new legal technician business. Along with my free consultation, I also had access to a network of legal software and services at a special discount for WSBA members.

Types of Business Service Discounts
The WSBA Practice Management Discount Network includes discounts for businesses that are “related to the practice of law and helps WSBA members improve the quality and delivery of their legal services.” As a legal technician, I, too, have similar goals to provide affordable and professional limited legal services to the public. Keeping my costs down helps me stay affordable.
As a newly admitted member, I intended to take advantage of what the bar has to offer. WSBA offers access to a wide and surprising array of practice management tools, such as cybersecurity, billing software, receptionist support and practice management services and software, to name a few, at a previously negotiated discount. As I launched my new legal technician practice, I was able to sign up for Clio at a reduced rate, as well as look at other options I plan to implement as my practice grows.

Behind-the-Scenes of a Growing Discount Network
As I organized and prepared to launch my legal technician business, I reviewed the vendors and discounts to determine whether my growing business could take advantage of them.
Shortly thereafter, Destinee Evers, a practice management specialist at WSBA, invited me to serve on a statewide panel of WSBA members who would review new vendor proposals and evaluate which discounts were a benefit and value to the whole membership. The intent was for the WSBA to offer relevant and practical tools at a discount to Washington’s legal professionals. At least two volunteers reviewed each proposal, and I was assigned three proposals to review.

One Stop Shop for Legal Professionals
One of the newest vendors whom I am most excited to share is Gallagher Affinity. This all-inclusive product solves multiple problems facing legal professionals including email marketing and discount office supplies. Gallagher Affinity has been in business for decades and their proposal noted that Gallagher provides support and service to their customers with perks such as office supplies at up to 80% off. Having these critical services offered at a discount and in one place appeals to legal professionals in firms of varied sizes from solos to large firms.

Having the ability to access discounted practice management services means I can keep my professionalism high and my costs low. With discounts like these, I’m excited to have these important behind-the-scenes tasks taken care of so my focus can remain on my clients.

3 thoughts on “WSBA Practice Management Tools and Member Discounts Evolve

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  3. Inez P Petersen

    I never understood the WSBA’s dedication to creating an auxiliary profession which cut into the business base of lawyers who spent considerable time, money, and effort to earn a JD and endure all that comes after this but before actually holding a bar card in one’s hand. It seemed disloyal to me: my “union” was undermining my ability to earn a living.

    And I will end with a little more honesty ala Inez. This article strikes me as self promotion of Bar activities by someone inside the Bar, not something which materialized voluntarily from an LLLT.

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