Why You Should Run for the WSBA Board of Governors

The finish line of a foot race

Have you ever thought about serving on the Washington State Bar Association Board of Governors? In 2016, Board positions are open in districts 2, 9, and 10, as well as an at-large position. As the outgoing District 2 governor, I’d like to encourage you to consider running for one of the open positions! The deadline for nominations is Feb. 16.

My personal experience on the Board of Governors has been fascinating and fulfilling. Working with the other Board members, the excellent WSBA professional staff and various WSBA stakeholders has been nothing short of enriching and enjoyable. Meanwhile, coming to grips with the complexity of the WSBA — as a regulatory agency and professional development organization — has been a challenge and quite enlightening.

The future of the profession will likely be quite different than its past, as the need to address access to justice requires new legal services delivery methods, adaptation of practice styles and development, and licensing of new business models for legal services. Our membership, along with the Supreme Court and the Board, will have a unique opportunity over the next few years to shape the profession. And you can make a difference through involvement with the Board.

Terms are for three years and begin in late September 2016. You can learn about the election process at the elections page of the WSBA website.

Want to find out more about what’s expected of a governor? I invite you to join me and Governors Elijah Forde and Phil Brady for an informational conference call on Feb. 9, 10, or 11. This is a great opportunity to ask questions of current Board members and hear from us about our experiences, biggest challenges, greatest rewards and other useful information. Please choose the time that is most convenient for you, and bring your questions and comments to the call.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 9 — 8–9 a.m. with Phil Brady (District 10)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10 — Noon–1 p.m. with Brad Furlong (District 2)
  • Thursday, Feb. 11 — 5–6 p.m. with Elijah Forde (District 9)

You can RSVP for the call by emailing your name and preferred date to barleaders@wsba.org. Once you’ve confirmed, we’ll send you the call-in information.

I’ve enjoyed my time on the BOG and feel good about giving back to my profession. I hope you’ll consider this opportunity and I look forward to answering your questions!