Friday 5: Reasons You Should Visit WSBA’s new Unbundled Legal Services Webpage

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WSBA has a new Web page about unbundled legal services. Here are five great reasons to check it out.

What are unbundled legal services? The term refers to when an attorney assists a client with a discrete part of their case instead of taking on full representation. It is also sometimes called “limited scope representation,” “limited assistance,” or “limited representation.” Generally, the client and attorney agree what tasks the attorney will handle and what the client will do on his/her own. An attorney may or may not appear in court depending on the agreement between the client and the attorney.

The WSBA has a new Web page focused on educating attorneys about unbundled legal services and supporting them in this work. Here are five great reasons to visit:

  1. It can help build your practice. Many potential clients could be helped through unbundled legal services. Maybe a client has the ability to complete their paperwork for an uncontested dissolution case and only needs you to review the pleadings before they are filed. Or maybe the client has already filed their case and only needs limited representation for a temporary orders hearing. You might find yourself inspired to include and market unbundled legal services to expand your business.
  2. It can help you increase access to justice. We know that large numbers of people who need legal help cannot afford the cost of full direct representation. By unbundling services, a client of low or moderate income may be able to pay for your help during the most critical parts of their case. The information you’ll find can support your work doing unbundled services, which in turn can expand access to the legal system — and everyone wins.
  3. You can learn best practices. Not sure how to decide whether a case should be unbundled? You’ll find helpful tips and pointers to help you decide whether unbundling legal services is an appropriate arrangement for a particular case or client.
  4. It compiles the important RPCs and civil rules in one place. We’ve done all the legwork for you and pulled together the relevant statutes, RPCs, WA civil rules and ethics opinions that apply to unbundled legal services.
  5. It has great resources. Need sample checklists, forms, or retainer agreements? Want to watch a CLE on unbundled legal services and hear from attorneys doing this work? You’ll find these resources here plus other links to resources that can help launch, expand or improve your work in this area.

We would like to hear from you if you know of useful resources or would like to see other information posted on the Unbundled Legal Services webpage. Contact with your comments or suggestions.

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