Happy 125th Birthday to Washington State — and the WSBA

WSBA's 125th anniversary cake.

On Nov. 11, 2014, Washington commemorates 125 years of statehood. The WSBA joined in the fun with a staff open house introducing our own 125th anniversary celebration.

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See our photo slideshow below and try your hand at our WSBA trivia contest! (Scroll down for answers.)

1.    Who was the WSBA’s first female president?
2.    T or F: The first courthouse in Washington state was a log cabin.
3.    How much were Bar dues in 1889?
4.    Who was the most recent WSBA president to join the Washington State Supreme Court?
5.    Who has the distinction of holding the bar number #1?


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1.    Elizabeth Bracelin
2.    True (it was in Lewis County)
3.    $3
4.    Justice Mary Fairhurst
5.    Alfred J. Schweppe

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