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December 2, 2013

Member Giveaway: Download a Free Kindle E-book of “Dimension M”

by contributor
Dimension M by Scott Wyatt
Read the review and check out this new political thriller from WSBA member Scott Wyatt.
Dimension M by Scott Wyatt

Dimension M by Scott Wyatt

To celebrate the release of his new novel, Dimension M, WSBA member and author Scott Wyatt (Beyond the Sand Creek Bridge) is offering a free Amazon Kindle e-book download on Dec. 2–4. In this political thriller, two activists are arrested for breaking into a public school in Uzbekistan to raise a humanitarian flag — and one of them is the granddaughter of the president of the (fictitious) Islamic Republic of Tashir. But the school is also the secret hiding place of a World War I-era exposé on the Armenian genocide, written by a Turkish aide-de-camp. Under the terms of a postwar treaty, the diary was not to be opened or made public for 200 years. If the explosive contents of the diary are revealed, the Turkish government, which has long denied the Armenian genocides, could collapse, destabilizing the entire Middle East. Now the diary has vanished — and the two activists are being hunted by a shadowy international cabal known as the Committee of Nine, which monitors and intervenes in political situations around the globe. Can they prove their innocence and find the missing document in time?

To download your free copy, go to the Amazon product page, verify that the price is $0.00, and click “Buy now with 1-Click.” You can also read a full review of Dimension M in the Dec 2013/Jan 2014 issue of NWLawyer.

Have you read a great — or not-so-great — law-themed book lately? Email to find out how to submit your own book review.

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