Casemaker’s Updates Can Help Your Legal Research

Your free Casemaker access now includes a CaseCheck+ and CiteCheck!

casemaker updated

In October 2013, WSBA upgraded the services provided through the free online legal research tool, Casemaker, to include two new features – at no cost to you. Our Casemaker service will continue to offer CasemakerDigest for free, which provides summaries, updated daily, on state and federal appellate cases

Casemaker CaseCheck+

The first new feature is CaseCheck+, negative case citator that allows users to determine if case law is still current. CaseCheck+ is comparable to the negative treatment provided by Keycite and Shepard’s products. Both of these features were previously only accessible on a paid subscription basis only, and are now offered at no cost to WSBA members.

With the free addition of CaseCheck+ you can:

  • Quickly check if there is any case that negatively affects the case you are considering.
  • Click on the links to see where the negative treatment occurs.
  • Easily scan cases with a system of green and red thumbs indicating the current status of the law.

Casemaker CiteCheck

The second new feature is CiteCheck, which allows members to upload documents to have the case citations automatically checked.

With the free addition of CiteCheck, you can:

  • Quickly upload any document to check the citations to determine if they are still good law.
  • Check your legal documents (and the opposing counsels) before you go to trial.
  • Easily scan your documents with a system of checks and X’s indicating whether the law is still good.

Casemaker Help

Casemaker has several demo videos that walk you through all the features. You can also sign up for an online webinar to learn more.

For Casemaker research assistance, M–F from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. call toll-free 877-659-0801. You can also call the WSBA for research or login assistance at 800-945-9722.

If you are in the Spokane area on Nov. 14, the Law Office Management Assistance Program Roadshow will include a session on Casemaker! Register now to attend the LOMAP Roadshow.

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  2. WSBA

    Hi Gari,

    These are Casemaker’s videos – you could send them feedback.

    Have you tried watching the videos directly on YouTube or making them full screen? The buttons for both those options are in the lower right of each video, basically opposite of the play button.

  3. Gari Goodman

    The tutorials on the Casemaker updates would be really helpful is the graphics were in something larger than “5” point type. Any ideas on how to make them larger?

    Thank you.

    Gari Goodman

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