Friday 5: CLEs for Every Attorney + GIVEAWAY!

Friday 5: CLEs
Whether you’re looking to acquire a specific skill set or learn about something completely new, there’s something for you on this list.

Friday 5: CLEs2012 was my MCLE reporting year. As a non-practicing attorney, my 3-year CLE record is a hodgepodge of legal topics: Title IX, intellectual property, child support, social media and ethics. As someone who prides herself on being able to annoyingly pepper conversations with useless bits of knowledge and crush the competition in Trivial Pursuit, this suits me incredibly well.

Many practicing attorneys may focus on CLEs directly related to their practice area, but CLEs are also a great way to explore other law-related interests, give yourself a break from your day-to-day practice area, and maybe even discover a new path for your practice. Below is a list of 5 (okay, 7 if you’re really counting) CLEs that I’m excited about. Whether you’re looking to acquire a specific skill set or spend a day learning about something completely new, there’s something for everyone on this list.

**Update: Most of the WSBA-CLEs listed below are also available via webcast. You can view a full list of available webcast seminars here.**

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Advanced Issues in the Law of Nonprofit Organizations

January 15; 6.25 general credits
Whether they work for a non-profit or volunteer their time, most of the attorneys I know are involved with a non-profit organization. This CLE presents a great opportunity to learn about the unique operations of non-profits.

Wild Horses Shouldn’t Keep You Away – 10th Annual WSBA Animal Law Seminar, co-sponsored by the WSBA Animal Law Section

January 29; 6.5 general credits, .5 ethics credits

Right off the bat, this CLE earns points for incorporating a much-covered Rolling Stones tune in its title. I was an avid rider as a kid and grew up on a farm with horses, so a full day of equine law is right up my alley (or maybe stall). With animal law updates, information on horse insurance, wild horse round-ups, and tips for using a vet as an expert witness, this CLE is guaranteed to please anyone with an Animal Planet addiction, a collection of My Little Ponies, or anyone otherwise interested in animal law.

The Essential Toolkit for the Solo and Small Practice, co-sponsored by the WSBA Solo and Small Practice Section

January 31; 4 general credits, 2.25 ethics credits
Are you thinking of going solo or starting your own firm? Sound scary? Learn the skills that law school didn’t teach you that are essential to being a successful business owner. Delve into issues like practice management, employment law issues around hiring contract attorneys or interns, tax issues, and practicing in a small town.

Immigration Law – Ethics Issues

February 8; 1.5 ethics credits
I love getting things done on my lunch hour! Usually this means blowing half my paycheck at Target (go in for toilet paper, come out with three sweaters and a pair of earrings), but earning 1.5 ethics credits is a much better use of your time. And cheaper too, at just $89! Even if you don’t specifically practice immigration law, immigration issues are bound to pop up for your clients. This CLE offers practical tips and guidance on the ethical issues surrounding immigration that you may face in your practice.

Beginning and Endings – 3 CLEs about Buying, Selling, and Retiring

Ah, the circle of lawyer-life – lawyers retiring, and new lawyers entering the practice. Whether you’re at the end of your practice and want to learn more about retirement planning or transferring your practice by way of a sale, or if you’re considering going solo and want to purchase an existing practice, these CLEs are for you.

PowerPass Giveaway!

Are you excited about these CLEs or others? Tell us about an upcoming CLE you’re excited about in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a Bronze 2013 Personal PowerPass, good for 3 registrations for PowerPass-eligible WSBA-CLE programs, including WSBA Travel-Free CLE® options like webcasts.

Entries will close at midnight on Thursday, January 17. The winner will be randomly selected. To win, a valid email address is required when commenting. Entries are now closed. 

25 thoughts on “Friday 5: CLEs for Every Attorney + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Kristina

    I am looking forward to the Solo/Small Firm essential toolkit. As a fairly new attorney in solo practice, I think this CLE will help me get my ducks in a row and alleviate some of that “I don’t know what I am doing” worry that comes with operating my own business for the first time.

  2. Joy

    An upcoming WSBA CLE that I am excited about is the Solo/Small Firm Essential Toolkit CLE on January 31st. It looks to be an informative set of topics presented by experience faculty. I look forward to connecting with other attorneys there as well.

  3. John Rosecrans

    Succession Planning and Buying and Selling a Practice are a wonderful combination. I am looking forward to both CLEs and meeting those who are considering passing on their legacy to new attorneys.

  4. Amanda Kunzi

    The immigration CLE. Our practice (criminal) has so much cross-over with immigration law and I’m always looking to learn more in this area, especially when it comes to unique ethics issues that can arise.

  5. Jeff C.

    Wild Horses–I think this would be a funny, interesting, and useful departure from some of the previous useful (but dull) CLEs I attended during my end-of-year catch-up deathmatch.

  6. Ashley Marshall

    I’m excited about the Non-Profit. Since I work in the non-profit field, I come across issues all the time. Would be very beneficial for me!

  7. Vicki Oslund

    I am interested in The Essential Toolkit for the Solo and Small Practice because I am interested in the process and risks of opening small office and these CLE are perfectly suited for what I need to learn.

  8. Amy

    The Immigration Law & Ethics CLE looks great; that is a great practice area in which to focus on ethics.

  9. Marie

    I am most excited about the The Essential Toolkit for the Solo and Small Practice CLE. My reason for excitement is that I am a new mother of an 11 month old son and that is exactly how long I have been on maternity leave. I have recently decided not to go back to my position of 8 years because I believe that I need to send my career in law in a new direction. Opening my own practice would allow me to do that as well as utilize the knowledge that I already have although I don’t know the first thing about opening a business.

  10. Cheryl Kringle

    Wild Horses: would love to combine my horse passion with my practice and am looking forward to learning from attorneys already working in the field.

  11. Stacie Naczelnik

    I’m attending the CLE onbuying and selling a practice–looking forward to it. Also, not WSBA, but I’m looking forward to the When DV Strikes CLE being held in Lynnwood in February.

  12. sofarsog00d

    As a beginning attorney re-entering the profession at midlife, the classes on beginnings, (middles!), and endings would address most of my concerns: how to start a practice, how to organize my work life and finances so my retirement needs are met, and how to exit gracefully when the time is right.

  13. Matthew Walker

    I am looking forward to the CLE on buying and selling a law practice! There seems to be a good opportunity for passing the torch to the younger generation of lawyers.

  14. Deb Dean

    I wish the Advanced Issues in the Law of Nonprofit Organizations course was offered via webcast so I could attend from California.

  15. Niloufar Park

    With so much is changing in Immigration Law, I’m interested in the Immigration Law Ethics Issues.

  16. Sherry Talton

    I think the Animal Law conference is going to be great and quite timely. The Texas Supreme Court just heard a case this week about whether a person can recover damages for the “sentimental value” of a dog, so I think this is a timely topic across the nation.

  17. Dave Lundgren

    I am interested in The Essential Toolkit for the Solo and Small Practice because I am in the process of adding another component to my practice, and this CLE is perfectly suited for what I need to do that.

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