President’s Update: Week in Review

michele radosevich

WSBA President Michele RadosevichThe highlight of last week was the WSBA Staff Holiday Party and Charity Auction, which was held on Wednesday afternoon at the bar office. Your officersSteve, Patrick, and I—challenged a staff team—Megan, Joy, Alison, and Pamela—to Family Feud WSBA Style. The rest of the staff looked on as we all tried to name the top tourist sites in Seattle, the top things people do while driving the car, and less successfully, the top lunch places near the bar office. We put up a valiant effort, but alas, the staff team eked out a victory. In the process, we helped raise several hundred dollars for Treehouse, a charity that will use the funds to help foster children have happier holidays.

Friday was the regular meeting of the Board of Judicial Administration. Among the topics was courthouse security—how to make courthouses safer for the public and those who work there. Ironically, as we left the meeting at noon and started driving, we learned about the tragic loss of life at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As citizens and as officers of the court, it seems like it is time we all gave serious thought to how to improve public safety generally and in our courthouses in particular. We will never be entirely safe—it’s not possible. But I cannot think of those first graders without tearing up, and it seems to me we have an obligation to try and protect other innocents.