Show Us Your Holiday Sweaters!

Stephanie Perry in Holiday SweaterAs my lucky co-workers know, I have a personal tradition of wearing tacky holiday sweaters to work throughout December. So far, I’ve accumulated seven days’ worth of sweaters, plus a festive vest (if anyone knows where to find a Hanukkah sweater, let me know!).

But I’m guessing some of you have some pretty outstanding holiday sweaters lurking in your closet. Maybe it was a gag gift, perhaps you bought it for an ugly sweater party, or possibly your Great-aunt Matilda just loves knitting one for you each year. Whatever the source, we want to see pictures of you in your best/worst holiday sweater! I’ll go first with one from my collection.

Send your holiday sweater pictures to and we’ll post them in all their glittery glory.

2 thoughts on “Show Us Your Holiday Sweaters!

  1. WSBA

    Mark – if you want to model ANY (or all!) of those ties and send us a picture, we would happily include it in our Holiday Sweater follow up post!

  2. markpattersonlaw

    Isn’t this the province of women? I mean, the mandatory generic non-gender nor judgmental “co-workers” term was used but really, I cannot say I have ever seen a man wearing one of these sweaters.

    Now holiday ties are another matter. How many Grinch ties has Suess Inc. sold?

    Or just plain Christmas trees that blinked from a battery operated switch in the breast pocket?

    There are some class acts out there of course, tiny little mangers with a baby Jesus set in a diamond pattern against a red feild, or same pattern with three wise men and a camel.

    How about just a star, the Star of Bethlehem? Right in the middle of a blue field. I might even wear that.

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