Making your Profession Personal


Photo courtesy of Jamila Johnson.

A couple of weeks ago, I was perusing Facebook for the 74th time that day, and I came upon a newly-posted picture from Jamila Johnson, a regular writer for Bar News, the KCBA Bar Bulletin, and De Novo. The picture, reposted here, is of Jamila’s new tattoo of the citation to Loving v. Virginia (388 U.S. 1).

Loving, of course, is the landmark case that ended all race-based legal restriction on marriage. It’s an inspiring case if ever there was one, which I’m sure contributed to Jamila’s decision to have the citation indelibly inscribed on her ankle.

Most of us can tell a story of how we were inspired to become a lawyer: a desire to uphold justice, to help people, or to transform society. Symbols of the profession, like a mini Themis on your desk, the scales of justice embossed on your business card, or Jamila’s tattoo, help remind us of that inspiration.

Staying inspired — in any way you can — is key to thriving in what can be a demanding and stressful profession.

Have you incorporated a symbol of your profession into your personal life? Have a puppy named Posner? A kid named Atticus (you’re not alone!)? Share how you’ve made your profession personal in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Making your Profession Personal

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  2. markpattersonlaw

    I have a recollection of a car a classmate had in law school that had the Gonzaga School of Law sticker on the back window and a vanity license plate that read “Lwyer2B”.

    One morning he work up tp find his windows all smashed in.

    Turned me off to personalization.

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