Social Security and the 10-Year Marriage Rule

Social Security retirement benefits may not be the first thing on your clients’ minds when they are getting divorced, especially if they are younger. The right to Social Security benefits is a federal entitlement not affected by state law, and rarely discussed much during divorce. But one critical timing mistake could cost your client a […]

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Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct – Your Comments Are Needed

Washington state is making national news with the introduction of Limited License Legal Technicians. Washington will be the first U.S. jurisdiction to license legal technicians, but a number of states are already studying Washington’s model for possible adoption. Legal technicians are authorized to provide legal advice within the limited scope described in Regulation 2 of […]

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6 Surprising Facts About Cuba’s Legal System

Representatives from a  professional research delegation share some surprising facts. In March 2013, I led a delegation of U.S. lawyers and guests to visit Cuba as part of a professional research delegation. Only 90 miles from the United States, it seems incredibly distant in many respects. The legal structure and the real-world struggles of the […]

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Tips for Managing the Holidays When You’re Divorced

Learn best practices to help your clients — or yourself — this holiday season. In the practice of family law, I sometimes have to remind myself that I am a lawyer, not a therapist. I do not have a counseling degree and I am not a mental health specialist, yet there are many times when there seems […]

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LLLT Family Law Courses: Enroll Now

Join us on Nov. 19 for a free presentation about the program and to learn how to qualify. We are excited to announce that enrollment is now open for the winter quarter LLLT Family Law Course with new qualification options. The deadline for enrollment is Dec. 16, 2013. We invite all interested individuals to join us in-person or […]

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Father refuses to turn over Baby Veronica

NWSidebar contributor Jennifer Richards offers an update on the Baby Veronica case. Reposted from Queen City Addendum. NWSidebar contributor Jennifer Richards offers an update on the Baby Veronica case. In July, SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Capobiancos, the adoptive couple. However, Veronica is still in the custody of her biological father. Read the full update […]

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