Donald Trump and Adele

Sorry, Adele – Trump Doesn’t Need Your Permission to Play Your Songs

In almost every election cycle, musical artists are surprised to find their songs being played without their permission at campaign events hosted by politicians that they don’t support, and seek recourse to copyright law in order to prevent further performances. And, in almost every election cycle, they are, as a legal matter, usually dead wrong.

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Eastern District Addresses Lateral-Hire Screening to Avoid Disqualification

The federal district court in Spokane recently addressed lateral-hire screening to avoid disqualification in Assenberg v. County of Whitman, No. 2:14-CV-0145-TOR, 2015 WL 5178032 (E.D. Wash. Sept. 4, 2015) (unpublished). While the court rejected disqualification in this case, the ruling underscores the importance of early and thorough screening when law firms take on new lateral […]

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Friday 5: Not-so-sweet lawsuits about treats

Check out five cases where candies bit back. Judging by all the colorful baskets and plastic grass lining store shelves everywhere, it’s about time for a certain bunny to make his annual delivery of dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies, and other treats. But candy isn’t always sweet, as these lawsuits prove. Here are 5 cases where […]

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Temple of Justice Update: Bylsma v. Burger King – Don’t Spit in a Policeman’s Hamburger

Does the Product Liability Act allow emotional distress damages absent a physical injury? In the cult comedy Super Troopers, a policeman orders a hamburger at a fast-food restaurant. The teenager taking his order calls back to the grill, “Double bacon cheeseburger. It’s for a cop.” The policeman asks why he said that, to which the teenager […]

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