Municipal Mayhem and More inside the March Issue of Bar News

March 2023 issue of Bar News on a desktop.

It’s March, and for many it’s the month that only means one thing: a competition to rank the best courthouses in the state of Washington. Also, there’s some sort of sporting event.

Unlike other March-themed competitions, the WSBA’s Municipal Mayhem doesn’t take place on the court, but is a battle literally about the court(s). This battle of bureaucracy, this clash of courthouses, indeed this joust for justice will be left to WSBA members to determine, once and for all (and probably for the first time), which county hosts the courtiest courthouse. Of course, those aren’t the actual criteria upon which we will name the winner. You can find out all about the competition, how to fill out a bracket, and ways you can help your favorite courthouse shine by reading the cover story of the latest issue of Washington State Bar News.

This time of year is also exciting for legislative wonks keeping an eye on the news from Olympia. Our own legislative affairs team has a report from the state capitol to fill you in on the midpoint of the 120-day 2023 legislative session and provide an overview of the bills most pertinent to Washington legal professionals.

Also in this issue, you can learn about restrictive covenants in law firm employment agreements, catch up on why the U.S. Copyright Office decided not to grant copyrights to AI-generated work, read a summary of the latest batch of decisions from the Washington Supreme Court, and peruse other legal matters like disciplinary and regulatory notices, regular columns, and legal analyses.

And, if you haven’t heard, decades of past Bar News issues have been digitized and are now available at