Status, History of Bar Structure Examined in Latest Bar News

Cove of June 2022 Bar News

This August, the WSBA Board of Governors is scheduled to wrap up its eight-month discussion about the very foundation of Washington’s mandatory, integrated bar and whether it should remain the same or undergo a structural change. The Board’s study process, ETHOS (Examining the Historical Organization and Structure of the Bar), is reaching the end of its mission from the Washington Supreme Court to answer three key questions about the Bar’s structure and the potential impact of federal litigation.

In the new issue of Washington State Bar News, we have gathered a variety of opinions, historical facts, and other information to help you better understand this significant process. This month’s issue features a cover package of stories related to bar structure, both in Washington and beyond. In it you will find an interview with University of Connecticut School of Law Professor Leslie Levin, who wrote the article “The End of Mandatory State Bars?,” in Georgetown Law Journal Online; an opinion piece arguing in favor of a restructured bar and one arguing to maintain the existing structure; a timeline detailing the Washington Bar’s history of regulating the legal profession in the state; and the latest news on the ETHOS process to date.

Of course, the regular business of the Bar continues as usual, and this month you will also find a variety of content related to the latest news, opinions, and advice for legal professionals. Ethics columnist Mark Fucile breaks down the ethical issues that can arise during settlement negotiations. WSBA Equity and Justice Lead Imani Shannon explains why it’s important to not misgender people. And Morgan Maxey remembers the career of civil rights advocate and a champion for justice, Carl Maxey.