Praise for Pro Bono in the New Bar News

BarNews Oct 2021 cover

In 2020, nearly 2,500 WSBA members contributed about 178,000 hours of pro bono legal services. That’s more than 70 hours per person, on average. That’s almost twice the national average, according to the ABA. And that’s more than 20 hours beyond the pro bono hours needed to make the Pro Bono Publico Honor Roll.

This year, as in year’s past, the Washington State Bar News joins legal professionals throughout the country to celebrate pro bono week in October. In the latest issue, we dive into some of the many facets of extraordinary pro bono work and opportunities in Washington.

Also, with the new WSBA fiscal year now underway, we meet our new and returning members of the  WSBA Board of Governors and learn about the policy forecast ahead. Foremost, get to know WSBA President Judge Brian Tollefson in multiple ways. First, read our Q&A with the new president to gain insight into his personal and professional background, as well as what he plans to do with his time as president. Then take a look at President Tollefson’s first President’s Corner column for even more of his thoughts about the Bar and where it’s heading.

For all things pro bono, here’s what we have in store in the new issue:

Last but not least, get the budget forecast from new WSBA Treasurer Bryn Peterson, learn about the ethics of representing clients with diminished capacity, get an inside look at the Joint Minority Mentorship Program, and more.