Enjoy a Summer of Reading With Bar News

Unlike last summer, this year you can do actual things. Stuff. Activities. You can go to places. You can see real-life humans. You can go out in public and, if you want, you can even go to a beach.

While you’re there, building up stockpiles of Vitamin D to get you through the coming winter, there are few ways better to laze away a few warm, sunny hours than sticking your nose in a good book. Although this summer is very (fortunately) different from last year, at least one thing remains (also fortunately) consistent: the Washington State Bar News annual summer reading list. In the latest issue, check out the top picks for books as recommended by members, and even a few titles written by members, covering everything from law and business to social justice and science fiction.

Then peruse other features like the story of a group of Pierce County lawyers who came together to take action in the fight against systemic racism. And learn about the history of voting rights and attempts to undermine them, why states have a greater influence over these rights, and how this history informs modern elections.

You can also gather practical tips about counseling clients on whether to file an appeal, find out what happened in Olympia during the 2021 Legislative Session, catch up on recent significant decisions from the Washington Supreme Court, brush up on the next wave of legal innovation and turning point in legal technology, and more.

Happy summer 2021, Washington—we’ve earned it!