Recognizing Those Who Give Back in the Latest Bar News

Bar News Dec-Jan 2021 cover

2020 is now in our collective rearview mirror—and even that is still too close. Much can and has been said in contempt about the previous year, but much was also shown of our ability to help one another especially when times get tough.

“Although building relationships with people is a lot more difficult these days, it has been incredibly nice to safely support and connect with people living near me,” Washington State Bar News Editor Kirsten Abel recently wrote of her experience as a volunteer with the COVID-19 Mutual Aid Solidarity Network. “And in a time when so little feels within our control, it is a relief to do something that helps someone else.”

Caring volunteers have long helped support each other when traditional systems fail. Likewise, volunteers have long served as the backbone of the WSBA—without them we simply could not function as we do. Among the many stories celebrating our members in the newest issue of Bar News, we highlight the extraordinary work of WSBA volunteers and dive into the many committees, boards, and other opportunities available for WSBA members who would like to get involved.

Selflessness was also a common quality among the recipients of the 2020 APEX Awards, and you can read about all of them and the incredible work they’ve done for their communities and the legal profession. Then take a look back in time to the year 1970 as we recognize and honor our 50-year members.

Other stories in the latest issue include a feature on Washington Supreme Court Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis (republished with permission of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency), Shashi Vijay and Jordan Couch shine a spotlight on the Solo and Small Practice Section, Steve Festor explains why cognitive biases can be the difference between a winning case and a losing one, and Lauren Sancken explains the art of revision in legal writing and how to turn a crappy first draft into a terrific third draft.

Interim Executive Director Terra Nevitt and President Kyle Sciuchetti each provide insight on the past year, while Treasurer Dan Clark looks at the financial year ahead.