Honoring Veterans in Washington State Bar News

Cover of Bar News Nov 2020

Each November we dedicate a day to pause and reflect on our veterans. In the latest issue of Washington State Bar News, we’ve done just that.

In recognition of Veterans Day, we’re sharing stories that focus on issues affecting service members, their families, and the legal professionals who make serving veterans their duty. Members of the WSBA Legal Assistance to Military Personnel Section help explain its origins and what its section members do.

A former marine, now media litigator, profiles the distinguished career of his mentor, Hon. Ronald E. Cox, whose storied work to assist veterans helped lead to significant expansions in veteran legal services and the creation of the Attorney General’s Office of Military & Veteran Legal Assistance. Of course, the life of a service member is full of many challenges; in “Not Just the Service Member Who Serves” you can learn about a new licensing accommodation for attorneys who are also military spouses.

This issue of WSBA’s member magazine also features a few awards given to outstanding members of our legal community. You can read about the stellar work that resulted in James K. Doane winning the 2020 President’s Award, and see which new and young lawyers were recognized with the Washington Young Lawyers Committee Public Service and Leadership Award.

Next, learn the story of the MiChance Dunlap-Gittens’ youth rights ordinance from some of the people who helped create this innovative law, which provides new legal protection for youth. We have a brief look at the history of diversity on the Board of Governors and the role of the at-large diversity seats. Plus you can dive into a thorough analysis on public records and the implications of the decision in Associated Press v. Washington State Legislature.

As always, we’ve got the latest updates and perspectives from the WSBA president, executive director, treasurer, and more to inform WSBA members about what’s going on that affects legal professionals in Washington.