The Who’s Who of Bar News

Cover of Bar News Sept 2020

If you were to look solely at the masthead that shares a page with the Editor’s Note in each issue of Bar News, you might think WSBA’s official members’ magazine is produced by a skeleton team consisting of the executive director, an editor, and a designer. The truth is—although those WSBA staff and a few more put together each issue—there’s a much larger group of volunteer WSBA members behind each issue, without whom this publication could not exist.

You might not know much about the members of the Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC), what they do to help produce this award-winning magazine, or even the thought process that guides all editorial content—until now. In the September issue of Bar News we peek behind the curtain to learn more about the EAC, the members who comprise it, and what each member’s process is for taking content from ideation to publication.

In another rare glimpse, outgoing WSBA President Rajeev Majumdar sits down for an interview to talk about mental health and the law—not in abstract terms, but through his personal experiences with mental health issues and treatment. President Majumdar also pens his final President’s Corner column, a look at the current state of the bar, as he looks to pass the torch to the 2020-2021 President Kyle Sciuchetti.

For you legal wonks out there, attorneys Adam G. Haynie and Matthew S. Hitchcock take a deep dive into Yim v. City of Seattle I and II: the two landmark Washington Supreme Court property rights decisions which helped clarify the regulatory takings doctrine.

You can also get a crash course in China’s cybersecurity law as it applies to Washington businesses, find answers to eight important questions about 1099 forms, and hear why Innovation in Law columnist Jordan Couch thinks the bar exam falls short and what should replace it.

Last but far from least, this issue marks the kickoff for a new column, From the Spindle, in which author Bryan Harnetiaux unpacks interesting new opinions from the Washington Supreme Court. We have received requests from numerous members for this type of regular recap of important statewide cases, and we are happy to deliver!