The Hottest Legal News in the Summer Issue of NWLawyer

Cover of NWLawyer in the grass

From corner to corner, Washington state is a geographic and geologic smorgasbord encompassing densely packed forest and glacial-carved craggy mountain peaks, copper-colored grasslands and scrubby deserts, crushed urban jungles and placid fertile hills. And Washington’s legal community is equally varied in what they love about where they work, from folks looking to escape the perpetually inert Puget Sound traffic to others who cherish the quirky intricacies in the places they call home.

“I am surprised how popular the legend of the Sasquatch is here,” says a civil litigator in the southwest corner of Cowlitz County. “I have met people that claim to be descendants of Sasquatch, and we have a ‘sQuatch Fest’ every January.”

The summer issue of NWLawyer includes tidbits like the one above and many more first-hand accounts from legal professionals throughout Washington sharing what they love (and don’t love) about where they practice law. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener.

And WSBA isn’t just sharing opinions from members in print; we’ve been gathering feedback from all parts of the state as we’ve hit the road for the 2019 WSBA Listening Tour. WSBA President Bill Pickett and Interim Executive Director Terra Nevitt share lessons from the listening tour that they and WSBA governors have gathered from members during their travels.

We’ve also perused a few WSBA bookshelves to come up with a list of compelling summer reading that covers all sorts of genres, from tomes that titillate legal wonks to popcorn page turners.

Of course, we can’t always lounge on the beach with a good book, unless the legal system suddenly takes a mid-year break. Our resident ethics expert Mark Fucile breaks down reciprocal discipline reporting and how it varies by state throughout the northwest, environmental attorney Molly Barker details the ambitious Washington Clean Energy Transition Act and how it will impact energy production for the next quarter-century, and intellectual property attorney Stacia Lay takes a look at an appellate decision that provides some clarity about cross-border license agreements in the budding cannabis industry.

Take a look at the latest issue of WSBA’s member magazine to read these pieces and more!