A Conversation 40 Years in the Making Inside the Latest NWLawyer

Cover of NWLawyer

Few people get the chance to actually pause and look back at the totality of their life. Raven Lidman, a widely traveled and experienced attorney and former Seattle University Clinical Professor of Law, sadly passed away late last year. But before her death, Lidman sat with a long-time friend, in fact, a former client, to look back on a long and, at times, historic legal career.

Lidman represented Brodoff and her partner in the first successful same-sex adoption case in Washington. Nearly 30 years after that historic case, the two sat in Lidman’s home to sip tea and look back at the accomplishments Lidman made during 40 years in law. They recorded their conversation, a partial of transcript of which is in the latest issue of NWLawyer.

In the new issue of the magazine, WSBA members can also learn about the new free legal research tool, Fastcase, which will be available in February. WSBA President Bill Pickett and Civil rights Law Section Treasurer Jill Mullins look at the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the state of civil rights in America today. Readers can also take a peek behind the scenes to learn about the Client Protection Fund, and find out how Washington legal professionals find mentors or become mentors themselves. Then take a look at the festivities from the 2018 WSBA APEX Awards and 50-Year Member Celebration, learn how family court-ordered visitation is evolving, and lots more.