Friday 5: Reasons to Attend the WSBA APEX Awards

Apex awards

The WSBA’s APEX Awards (Acknowledging Professional EXcellence) are happening on Thursday, Sept. 29! If you haven’t already registered, here are five reasons that we think will convince you to attend.

  1. Get a free glass of champagne! Attendees are invited to enjoy complimentary champagne at the pre-event reception, courtesy of the Washington State Bar Foundation. You are a Foundation donor, right? If not, make a tax-deductible donation today and help advance the WSBA’s vision of a just Washington.
  2. Get free chocolate, too. Foundation donors will receive a thank-you gift of chocolates to go with that champagne. Supplies are limited, so you’ll want to get there early (that’s more time for networking, too).
  3. See what shoes 2016–17 President Robin Haynes is wearing. Our incoming president is known for her small but impressive shoe collection (take a look at her Sartorial Lawyer series with Vincent Humphrey if you want more insights). She’s sure to bring out her fanciest footwear for this gala event — so step up your look and go toe-to-toe with her!
  4. Foodies, we picked out a menu just for you. How does chipotle Mac & Jack-glazed grilled salmon sound? Or smoked asparagus risotto with truffle-roasted vegetables? Finish it off with a chocolate sachertorte or apple tart with goat cheese. This isn’t your standard chicken-or-fish banquet, we promise.
  5. You get to watch videos! Just like a Thursday night at home, but much more glamorous. (And even if you can’t make it to the awards dinner, you can still see the videos honoring our recipients on our YouTube channel.)

All joking aside, it is an exciting milestone to welcome the WSBA’s fifth woman president, and you can be among the first to congratulate her following her swearing-in. You’ll also see the swearing-in of President-elect Brad Furlong, plus new governors Rajeev D. Majumdar (District 2), Dan Bridges (District 9), Christina Meserve (District 10), and Athanasios P. Papailiou (at-large). Not sure what district you’re in? Find your district.

Register now for the APEX Awards, and we’ll see you there on Sept. 29!