Highlights from the 2015 WSBA 50-Year Member Luncheon

WSBA's Class of 2015 50-Year Members

Congratulations to our 67 members who celebrate 50 years of WSBA membership in 2015!

Here are some highlights of the luncheon that took place on Oct. 16 at the Sheraton Seattle. You can read more about the 50-year member luncheon and see the full roster of names in the upcoming December/January issue of NWLawyer.




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One thought on “Highlights from the 2015 WSBA 50-Year Member Luncheon

  1. markpattersonlaw

    There is nothing more satisfying than accompanying ones parent to these events.

    My Dad, WSBA #91, Mark T. Patterson Sr. was honored by this luncheon in 2013. My sister Kathy Webber, a Snohomish County Prosecutor and I got to be there.

    It’s credentials. It’s our history and our people. And I don’t expect the general public to understand.

    There is an Atticus Finch.

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