WSBA Staff Raises Over $6,700 in 2014 Charity Auction

WSBA Holiday Auction

The annual WSBA holiday charity auction took place last week, featuring plenty of homemade treats for holiday celebrations. Each year, WSBA employees use their talents to bake, craft, and create items for both live and silent auctions. All donations benefit a charity chosen by the staff.

This year’s highlights included a now-legendary homemade hot sauce, origami jewelry, and batting lessons taught by a WSBA employee’s son. Freshly baked goods, gift certificates, and handcrafted woodwork pieces rounded out the auction list. WSBA President Anthony Gipe offered two seasonal pies to the highest bidder, who paid $100 for the homemade treats.

In our Pictionary tournament, the “Super Jills and Jack” went up against the executive management team, collecting pledges to benefit our chosen charity. After several challenging rounds, the win went to the executive management team for the second year in a row.

We raised more than $6,700 this year. Thanks to the WSBA staff for all their hard work and generous donations! Below, learn more about Childhaven, this year’s selected charity.


Childhaven is a King County nonprofit organization that serves children between the ages of one month and five years who have been abused or neglected, or are at risk. The agency runs three programs:

  • Therapeutic Child Care, the state’s first program in which children referred by Child Protective Services or Child Welfare Services receive treatment geared toward their particular developmental needs;
  • The Drug-Affected Infant Program, which includes children affected by in-utero or environmental drug use; and
  • The Crisis Nursery, King County’s only 24-hour program to care for children when their parents face a crisis situation.

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