Friday 5: Things to do now that you’ve passed the Bar

bar exam results
Congratulations! Here are 5 next steps you should take as you wait for your bar card to arrive.

bar exam resutlsCongratulations! You’ve passed the bar! Here are 5 next steps you should take as you wait for your bar card to arrive.

Complete your admission requirements

Even though you’ve passed the bar, you’re not quite a lawyer. You still have a few more steps to get through before you’re admitted to the bar. Don’t worry, there are no essays involved. You can start today with WSBA’s Preadmission Education Program (PREP) online videos or by attending a live program.

Visit the WSBA Career Center

You’re (almost) a lawyer! Time to find a job and start your legal career. New jobs from around the state are posted daily to the WSBA Career Center. You can search for jobs and set up alerts so that new positions go straight to your inbox. From the Career Center, you can also add your résumé to our résumé bank and let employers find you.  Our Lawyers Assistance Program offers resources to help job seekers with their search, too.

If you’re hoping to hang your own shingle, be sure to check out our Law Office Management Assistance Program’s resources.

Start Networking

Washington’s legal community is large, but there are many ways to network.  Check out the Washington Young Lawyers Committee to join a smaller community of attorneys new to the practice of law, or attend WSBA events to meet attorneys from around the state and from different practice areas. WSBA also offers 27 practice sections, which makes connecting with people in your practice area easy. Don’t forget to connect with WSBA members and other new attorneys on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Write for NWSidebar

Be an active voice in the legal community! We know you have something to say, and we invite you to say it on NWSidebar. Check out our submission guidelines or send an email at with your ideas. Writing for the blog is a great way to get your name out there and to show knowledge on your résumé and on LinkedIn.


Call your family! Eat a cupcake! Pop the champagne!  Do a little dance! Practice your Esq. signature! Passing the bar exam is a huge accomplishment — be sure to take time to relax and celebrate this huge milestone.

Candidates who took the July 2013 bar exam learned whether they passed the exam today via their WSBA Online Admissions account. The public bar exam pass list and statistics will be released tomorrow, Sept. 14. 

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