247 Candidates Pass the Winter 2013 Bar Examination

bar exam results
Congratulations, future Washington Lawyers!

bar exam resutlsCongratulations to the 247 candidates that passes the winter 2013 Washington State Bar Exam!

Of the 421 candidates who took the exam, 58.7% passed.

Administered in 2 parts over a 3-day period, the Bar Exam includes a substantive law exam and an exam on the Rules of Professional Conduct (ethics). Candidates must successfully pass both parts in order to qualify for admission to the WSBA. If a candidate passes one part of the exam and fails the other, that candidate may sit for the next exam without having to retake the portion previously passed.

View the pass list.

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  1. Antoine Randle

    Is there a different link for the pass list, because the current one is broken unfortunately.

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