Exciting Committee (Really!) Seeks Diverse Members

Help shape the WSBA’s amicus curiae practice by joining the Amicus Curiae Brief Committee!

committeeHelp shape the WSBA’s amicus curiae practice by joining the Amicus Curiae Brief Committee! The ABC – which helps guide the Bar’s determinations about whether to file amicus briefs in a wide variety of cases affecting the Bar and the public interest – is seeking additional members to better fulfill its mission.

What is the Amicus Curiae Brief Committee?

The ABC is a group of collegial, accomplished attorneys – if we do say so ourselves – dedicated to advancing the interests of the WSBA by helping to guide its involvement as amicus in appropriate cases.

Amicus Curiae Brief Committee’s Work

When attorneys and courts request that the WSBA submit an amicus brief in a pending case, ABC members review the request, conduct enjoyable and enlightening debate, and vote on a recommendation to the WSBA Board of Governors. ABC holds monthly meetings in Seattle, with several members outside the area participating via conference call. Committee members are not required to write briefs, and no appellate experience is necessary.

Amicus Curiae Brief Committee Seeks Diverse Members

We believe that diversity is important to fulfilling the ABC’s mission, and therefore seek to add members with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints – including attorneys practicing outside the Seattle metropolitan area (we’re looking at you, Walla Walla!) – to take advantage of the Bar’s wealth of knowledge and to reflect the communities that it serves. If you can contribute to the diversity of the ABC, we want to hear from you.

For more information about the ABC, please contact committee Chair Fred Corbit or submit your committee application via myWSBA by March 29.

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