Friday 5: What Do You Know About WSBA’s Committees?

wsba committees
Learn more about WSBA’s committees, boards, and panels. Apply by March 29!

wsba committeesFriday seems like a good day for a pub quiz. See how much you know – or can reasonably guess – about WSBA’s volunteer committees and boards. Then learn more about them on our website and apply for one in myWSBA. (The deadline was just extended to March 29.) Answers are at the bottom of this post. Next week on NWSidebar we’ll spotlight a couple WSBA committees and the volunteers who keep them humming.

  1. What WSBA board can give money to clients whose lawyers mishandled funds?
  2. The WSBA’s Judicial Recommendation Committee interviews members interested in being appointed by the Governor to what level(s) of court?
  3. Name a WSBA board that includes community members (non-lawyers) as well as lawyers.
  4. What committee regularly meets with law students to discuss ethics, competence and civility?
  5. How are members chosen for WSBA’s committees?

BONUS QUESTION: Which WSBA committees and boards allow members to participate remotely, by telephone and/or videoconferencing?

Answers: (1) Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection Board. (2) The state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. (3) Character & Fitness Board, Practice of Law Board, MCLE Board, Limited Practice Board, Disciplinary Board, Access to Justice Board, Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection Board, Limited License Legal Technician Board, Council on Public Defense. (4) Professionalism. (5) Committee applications are reviewed by committee chairs, WSBA staff and individual members of the Board of Governors who look at the applicant’s interests, area of practice, experience, demographics and other factors. Nominations are then made to the BOG as a whole, which makes the appointments. BONUS: Almost all of them!