VIDEO: Our Changing Profession: Crisis or Opportunity?

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Watch the video replay of the Jan. 29 town hall with WSBA Executive Director Paula Littlewood & UW School of Law Dean Kellye Testy.

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, Washington State Bar Association Executive Director Paula Littlewood and University of Washington School of Law Dean Kellye Testy held a town hall forum to discuss the future of the legal profession.

Growing pressures from many directions have placed the U.S. legal profession at the forefront of public debate. The country is experiencing an increasing number of unemployed lawyers, escalating law school costs, a proliferation of web-based lawyer-in-a-box services, and a widening gap in access to justice. Littlewood and Testy were joined by an in-person crowd as well as online participants as they fielded questions and discussed whether these types of factors point to a crisis or a transformation.

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