Friday 5: Holiday Gifts for Lawyers

Looking for a holiday gift that your favorite lawyer or law student will truly appreciate? Check out these handy, stylish, and funny ideas, all under $50.
supreme court case mug

Supreme Court Case Mug. Image from Amazon.

Great Supreme Court Cases Mug, $11
Test your legal knowledge with this clever mug. The Great Supreme Court Cases Mug will have you mulling over the great court cases as you enjoy your favorite hot beverage. Across the 10 ounce mug are the names of over 30 landmark Supreme Court cases. Add hot liquid and the losers in each trial “disappear.”

Get Crap Done Pen

Get Crap Done Pen. Image from Knock Knock.

“Get Crap Done” Pen, $14
If you like a dose of tough love from your desk accessories, here’s the writing tool for you. This pocket-sized pen in go-get-‘em green cheers you on as you tackle those unpleasant tasks. (For Friday afternoons before holiday weekends, there’s also the companion Procrastination Pen.)

Red Tape Cuff links

Red Tape Cufflinks. Image from the National Archives eStore.

Red Tape Cufflinks and Earrings, $13-26
Know someone who’s waded through more than their share of red tape this year? Commemorate their battle with a pin ($13), necklace ($17), or cufflinks ($26) made from genuine government red tape. You can also choose a paperweight with a bit of red tape embedded inside — perfect for keeping those piles of expense reports in their place, if only symbolically.

Car Charger Coffee Cup

PowerLine PowerCup. Image from Amazon.

Car Gadget Charger, $27
We’ve all been there: you’re on the road and your electronic device runs out of juice just when you need to make an important call, navigate to an unfamiliar location, or download that vital document. This clever charger, the size and shape of a coffee cup, will fix all that. Two AC outlets and 1 USB plug charge up to 3 devices at once, from laptops to smartphones to cameras and more. Great for business or personal travel.

legal latin tie

Legal Latin Tie. Image from the Library of Congress Shop.

Legal Latin Necktie, $45
This handsome, 100% silk tie may appear to be a classic red-and-gold pattern at first… but look closer and you’ll see it’s printed with legal phrases from “habeas corpus” to “ex officio.” It could become your favorite trial lawyer’s new lucky tie!

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