Washington Leadership Institute: The ABCs of CSPs

WLI Class of 2012. View the class roster.

Many of us know about the Washington Leadership Institute (WLI), but what is a CSP? Community Service Projects, or CSPs, are designed by WLI fellows with an aim toward improving the civil or criminal justice system, the public’s perception of the legal system or lawyers, or the efficiency of the WSBA. WLI fellows are tasked with completing their project during their eight months of leadership training and presenting the CSP to the WLI Advisory Board and the WSBA Board of Governors. Each project provides the fellows hands-on experience in creating a tangible product that lives beyond the eight sessions. These projects become valuable resources that benefit the legal profession and the Washington state community at large.

WLI has produced seven class projects since its inception:

The 2012 CSP is entitled “Mentorship Program Guide: For Mentors and Young Attorneys.” The goal of the guide is to provide a template for a program that creates opportunities for experienced attorneys to provide professional guidance and practical knowledge to new attorneys. The tools provided include a program guide, a mentoring plan, and resources for program participants. The 2012 fellows will present their class project to the WSBA Board of Governors at its November meeting. Please join me in congratulating the 2012 WLI fellows on graduating and for completing their CSP.

On October 1, 2012, the WLI became a partnership between WSBA and the University of Washington School of Law, where it is now housed.

The WSBA extends its welcome to the 2013 class:

  • Erica Buckley
  • Hozi Cassubhai
  • Melissa Chin
  • John Cummings
  • Erin Culver
  • RaShelle Davis
  • Delian Deltchev
  • Nolan Lin
  • Felipe Mendez
  • Kripa Upadhyay
  • Jamal Whitehead
  • Alma Zuniga

We know the UW Law School will carry on the great tradition of the program, supporting the fellows in their good work and exemplary Community Service Projects.