Congratulations, Recent Bar Passers!

Congratulations to the 575 new lawyers who passed the July 2012 bar exam!

Ah, the bar exam. Three grueling days of testing, followed by three long months of anxious waiting. It is a rite of passage for lawyers; the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

Four years ago, after what seemed like an endless wait, I received that long-anticipated letter from the WSBA about my bar results. And so, in a moment of sheer relief and excitement, I began my career as a new attorney (I still had the swearing-in ceremony to go, of course).

For those who just passed the bar exam, your journey begins now. Now that you’ve accomplished your goal of becoming an attorney, it is time to get involved with your legal community and become familiar with your bar and the resources available to you.

One of those resources is Washington’s Young Lawyer Committee (YLC). For those who just passed the bar exam, and to all the other young and new lawyers throughout the state, I encourage you to become involved in the YLC this coming year. Participating in the YLC is a great way to connect with other attorneys and to tune in to valuable information about lawyer events, jobs, resources, and pro bono opportunities.

NWSidebar, which includes a tab specifically for younger and newer attorneys, is a great place to express yourself, to share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas, to find answers, and to showcase your writing by submitting articles and blog posts.

Is there a topic relevant to younger lawyers that you would like the YLC to address? If so, email me your ideas or, better yet, volunteer to write an article or blog post on a subject that is relevant to young or new attorneys. The YLC is no place for spectators — so get involved! If you have any questions about how you can become involved in the YLC, please contact me.

Young Lawyers Committee — The Voice of New/Young Lawyers

The Washington Young Lawyers Committee (WYLC) is the vehicle for new attorneys and law students to get involved with the Washington State Bar Association.

Read more from the YLC.  Learn more about the YLC.

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