Tips for Deposing Adverse Experts

So you’re going to depose an adverse expert witness. No problem. Whatever type of case you’re litigating, you can weaken the impact of this expert with thorough preparation and an effective strategy. You might even be able to neutralize the expert entirely.

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Cover of NWLawyer September 2017

It’s Here: The September Issue of NWLawyer

Inside the latest issue of NWLawyer, you’ll find: cross-examination tips from one of the state’s leading trial lawyers; an in-depth look at the use of police body-worn cameras in Washington; and an exploration of mandatory malpractice insurance. You can also take our 11-question quiz to test your knowledge on gender barriers. See how much you […]

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Key Observations from my Day in the 9th Circuit

What tips have you picked up from just observing in court? One lawyer shares what she learned. Recently, I spent two days in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where I observed seven oral arguments. It was interesting to see each counsel’s style and preparation level and the justices’ reactions to their arguments. Here are […]

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Demystifying Depositions: Effective Use of Documents

Don’t let documents throw your deposition game! Get the practical tips you need to use documents in depositions effectively. Read more from the Demystifying Depositions Series: Admonitions | The Funnel Technique | Obtaining Admission As you are getting more comfortable with the deposition process, one thing that can throw off your game is having to use documents. The mechanics of […]

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