A female lawyer questioning a witness in front of the judge in a courtroom.

Pretrial Reform in Washington Jails—An Interview With Judge Mary Logan

In 2016, there were nearly as many people in Washington county jails awaiting trial as the population of Lincoln County. The vast majority of people in jails throughout the state have not been convicted of a crime: 77 percent of them, according to findings outlined in the recently released Pretrial Reform Task Force Final Recommendations […]

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Temple of Justice Update: When a 911 Call Goes Awry

When the government negligently fulfills its duty to protect everyone, it usually is not liable to anyone in particular. The Washington Supreme Court, in Munich v. Skagit Emergency Communication Center, (No. 85984-1), dealt with a thorny exception to that rule. Case Facts The facts of the case are tragic. While fighting over their property lines, William […]

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Temple Of Justice Update: How Can Local Governments Structure Debt?

Washington’s Constitution prevents local governments from taking on certain levels of debt without a popular vote. In a case with the unwieldy caption In re Bond Issuance of Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District, No. 86552-3 , the Washington Supreme Court decided whether that constitutional provision is implicated when a city promises to pay […]

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