National Public Defense Week

10 Good Reasons to Honor Public Defense This Week

Besides March Madness, the third week of March 2017 marks other noteworthy occasions. Among these, according to Google, are: Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, Brain Awareness Week, Girl Scout Week, and Public Defense Week. The value of the first three are self-evident: Breathing. Thinking. Thin Mints. But why public defense? Isn’t it already inclusively acknowledged in National […]

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Michael Addams

Meet Michael Addams, WSBA Moderate Means Attorney

Like most attorneys, Michael Addams wears many hats: principal partner at the Spokane law firm Addams & Leavitt, board member of CASA Partners and Teen Closet, Washington Air National guardsman, WSBA Low Bono Section member, husband and father. In addition, Michael and his firm have incorporated a significant number of moderate means clients into their […]

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An attorney consults a young couple

5 Things You Need to Know about the Moderate Means Program

Contributed by Catherine Brown and Clay Wilson Five years ago this April, WSBA launched the Moderate Means Program (MMP), an initiative to help moderate-income individuals and families in Washington connect with lawyers who would offer affordable legal services. The impact on clients, law students and attorneys is overwhelmingly positive, and over the next year we […]

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