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My Pride Is More Important than Ever

Two women on a motorcycle in a Pride parade
At a time when LGBT kids are four times more likely to attempt suicide and 40% of them are homeless, I feel the need to be a role model.

Two women on a motorcycle in a Pride paradeBy the time this gets published, LGBT Pride month will be coming to a close or have already ended, but I thought I would share a few thoughts about it anyway. Prior to my job here at WSBA, I worked on several college campuses, leading LGBT centers. Often I was asked why it was necessary for me and the students I worked with to be “so out” and “so loud” about our identities. “Shouldn’t your sexual orientation not matter?” they would say. I’d answer “correct” — sexual orientation and gender identity shouldn’t matter, but in our society they did. And they still do matter. Read more »


Learning from Orlando: Transforming a Culture of Violence

Victims of the Orlando killings
In the wake of Orlando, is there peace to find? Or should we open our eyes to the reality of what’s been long buried and tolerated?

Victims of the Orlando killingsThe Orlando killings made news around the world, and the response has been heartening. From Paris to Sweden, Philadelphia to California, people care and are responding. Each person, group and community is seeking a way to heal, understand and react to foster strength, hope and peace. Is there peace to find? Or should we open our eyes to the reality of what’s been long buried and tolerated, bursting through the surface to challenge our complacency and easy acceptance of violence as an everyday occurrence? Read more »


Religious Freedom Includes Right to Believe in Sanctity of Gay Marriage

WSBA Board of Governors President Anthony Gipe responds to member comments on gay marriage.

Close up of rainbow-colored stained glass

I normally use my blog posts to discuss and expand on my guest writers and the topics they are discussing. However, the June article that Barb Rhoads-Weaver and I co-wrote in NWLawyer prompted a couple of letters to the editor that I would like to respond to instead. Read more »