Bird fleeing cage

When “N#gg!r§”* Rise

Equity, inclusion, and justice within the legal profession are under attack and it’s time to fight back. *Warning: This word — the actual word — is a prominent part of the article below. It has been somewhat sanitized in the title because, I understand, it’s a word that can shock, cause discomfort, and shut down […]

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diversity and tolerance on multicolor background

Is “Diverse” Really What You Mean?

Language matters—I mean really, really matters. The words we choose can make a huge difference to the overall meaning of something we are communicating. Even little connotations and implications can have a big impact on the meaning. For example, if I were to write the sentences, “His actions were youthful,” and, “His actions were childish,” […]

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Two women on a motorcycle in a Pride parade

My Pride Is More Important than Ever

By the time this gets published, LGBT Pride month will be coming to a close or have already ended, but I thought I would share a few thoughts about it anyway. Prior to my job here at WSBA, I worked on several college campuses, leading LGBT centers. Often I was asked why it was necessary […]

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Learning from Orlando: Transforming a Culture of Violence

In the wake of Orlando, is there peace to find? Or should we open our eyes to the reality of what’s been long buried and tolerated? The Orlando killings made news around the world, and the response has been heartening. From Paris to Sweden, Philadelphia to California, people care and are responding. Each person, group […]

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