A summer day in front of the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC.

Federal Court Disqualifies In-House Counsel

The federal district court in Seattle recently issued a rare decision disqualifying in-house counsel from participating in a case that involved the lawyer’s corporate employer. Docklight Brands, Inc. v. Tilray, Inc. and High Park Holdings, Ltd., 2023 WL 5279309 (W.D. Wash. Aug. 16, 2023), is a dispute over a licensing agreement. The litigants were formerly related affiliates within the same overall corporate group before a restructuring split the plaintiff from the defendants. Although separated, they later entered into the licensing agreement that became the focal point of the litigation.

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Three attorney meeting around a table

Fellow In-House Counsel, You Too Can Do Pro Bono Work

“I can’t do any pro bono work; I’m not a family law practitioner.” “I wish I could do some pro bono work, but I can’t plan around client meetings or court hearings.” “I don’t know anything about pro bono work; I’m an in-house lawyer.” Sound familiar? Like other in-house lawyers, those thoughts used to run […]

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