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How to Manage a Personal Injury Claim and Bankruptcy

A personal injury claim may or may not be protected if you file for bankruptcy and will depend on several factors discussed below. Often, consumers thinking about filing for bankruptcy have suffered some sort of personal injury or have been involved in an accident. This could be due to a loss of wages or the accumulation of various medical debts.

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Curse of the Bambino takes One Last Victim

The iconic curse of baseball great Babe Ruth took one last victim after the company responsible for the demolition of the original Yankee Stadium filed for bankruptcy. Demco Inc., the construction company responsible for tearing down Yankee stadium, has been struggling through the economic downturn and finally called it quits in August 2012. The city of New […]

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When Should a Client File for a Ch. 7 Bankruptcy?

The decision to petition for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a daunting and stressful one. I consistently see clients whose stress grows almost daily as their debt increases, as bills keep coming, and as their options seem more limited. To help clients decide whether this worrying decision is best for them, I use three different variables: […]

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