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Held without Bond: An Update on Immigration Detention in Washington state

Has the government’s practice of locking up immigrants gone too far?
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Top Tech Books for Lawyers

Picks to help you create a LinkedIn profile, run a virtual office, and get the most out of iPad apps.
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SCOTUS in Review: Riley v. California & United States v. Wurie

Get an update on the first SCOTUS decision to bring modern context to Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.
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Notice from the Washington Attorney General’s Office: Beware of Loan Modification Scams Soliciting Washington Lawyers


From the Washington Attorney General’s Office:

The Washington Attorney General’s Office, the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, and other state agencies across the country, along with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, are conducting a mortgage rescue fraud sweep, taking legal action against companies who prey on homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure.

As part of the sweep, Attorney General Bob Ferguson wishes to alert Washington lawyers to problems that may arise from working with a for-profit loan modification or foreclosure rescue company as part of their practice.

Such companies are often located out of state and could be attempting an end run around state regulations and consumer protection laws by integrating Washington lawyers into their operation. These companies typically promise Washington borrowers that they can modify their loan, stop or postpone their foreclosure, or reduce their debt — usually for a hefty upfront fee.  Not only do they typically not perform as promised, they also divert borrowers from meeting with state housing counselor to evaluate their options at no charge, see and 877-894-HOME, or getting information about legal aid services at Read more »


Friday 5: Build your CLE playlist with the WSBA-CLE Summer Sale

WSBA-CLE Summer Sale
Take advantage of unbelievable savings on all recorded CLE products, now through July 22.

WSBA-CLE Summer SaleThe MP3 selection on my iPhone consists of the Frozen soundtrack (which I definitely only listen to with my 3-year-old daughter). I’m more of a podcast person – I think they’ve made me a better auditory learner. Certainly if I can learn about the Great London Smog with a podcast, I can build my legal knowledge with MP3 CLEs. And at 40% off all WSBA-CLE recorded seminars, now is a great time to start building my knowledge and earn some CLE credits.

So, move over Anna and Elsa, I’m adding some new selections to my playlist: Read more »


The Five C’s of Hybrid Fee Agreements


paper legal size
From the Oregon Law Practice Management blog.

From the Oregon Law Practice Management Blog. As always, Washington attorneys must comply with the Washington RPCs.

Originally posted on Oregon Law Practice Management:

Call it a hybrid fee agreement (HFA) or an alternative fee agreement (AFA).  Lawyers are looking for creative ways to appeal to clients who are resisting the traditional hourly rate approach.

Employment Law HFA

Consider the employment law case that is less than a slam dunk.  You could put in many hours only to see no fee. Ah, the life of a contingent fee practitioner.

Or is it?  One creative lawyer decided to offer his client a hybrid fee arrangement: a reduced hourly rate of $100 per hour with a 25% contingent kicker in the event of a recovery. (Lower than the “going” contingent rate of 33%.)  If the client agrees, and your fee agreement passes the test below, there is nothing wrong with such an arrangement.

Family Law HFA

Among family law practitioners – who are forbidden to take a contingent fee – a popular hybrid fee arrangement incorporates a flat fee earned upon…

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12 Legal (and Non-Legal) Beach Reads

beach reads
As you make your way to the poolside or beach this weekend, don’t forget your most important accessory: a good book.

beach reads

Summer has arrived! The sun is shining, the days are long, and Pike Place Market is flooded with tourists. It’s time to put down those case books and briefs and pick up those ice-cold drinks and suntan lotion. As you relax and make your way to the poolside or beach, don’t forget your most important accessory: a good book.

Here are 12 exciting beach reads — legal and non-legal — to keep you engaged this summer:

The Gods of Guilt (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel) by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly returns with the next book in his Lincoln Lawyer series, which follows criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller who runs his law practice from the back of his Lincoln Town Car. Read more »


Practice Safe Law

Get your ethics-education with these resources!

cautionYou’re starting to mature into your practice, I can see that. You’re discovering new documents in new places and you’re developing new feelings toward judges, juries, and jurisdictions. I see that you’ve also started to notice clients. Hey, I don’t blame you! Clients are the yin to the attorney’s yang, the Jack to your Diane, the peanut butter to your jelly. And let’s not beat around the bush: clients are noticing you, too! You’re filling out that suit nicely, you’ve managed to acquire a few favorable verdicts, and your name is spreading through the halls of the justice center faster than a rabbit fleeing a cheetah. Read more »


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