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super hero

What if They Made a Superhero Movie About Lawyers?

NWLawyer editor Michael Heatherly’s proposed cast of characters for a hit lawyer film for our times.
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moving day

Moving On Up: Tips for Smoothly Relocating Your Law Firm

Box everything up and ship it across the city. Simple as that, right? If only.
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Friday 5: Things to Do While You Wait for Your Bar Exam Results

Don’t sit on your laurels until the results are announced!
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More Business Plan Magic: Part Two

path to success
Form a plan of action to continually address new challenges so your practice can grow and thrive!

path to successNo matter how good you are or how brilliant your idea for a firm is, there will be surprises after you start. You think one set of clients will flood in, but instead you get another set. You are impressed with one online marketing strategy at the beginning, only to be horrified six months later when the company is bought out and changes everything. Things change and assumptions are challenged by reality. Your business can be made better — more resilient — when you face these challenges.

But how do you face these challenges? The dreaded business plan again — that scary living document. Start a business plan or pull out your old plan and rework it. I like to reframe revisions as Major Projects Plans. To grow and thrive, you should be continually addressing and solving the problems you encounter with a plan of action. Enter the Major Projects Plan. Read more »


Friday 5: Reasons to Sign up for Paperless License Renewal

Log in to myWSBA to sign up for paperless license renewal by Sept. 14.

paperlesslicensing300Looking for reasons to sign up for paperless license renewal for this year?  Try these:

1. Save trees – Last year the WSBA printed over 35,000 license packets – that is about 17 trees!

2. Save a stamp – and a trip to the post office. Read more »


7 Tips to Better Employee Management

Become a better captain of the ship and improve employee relations.

mentoringThere is a reason payroll is your biggest cost: you pay the most for your biggest asset. Employees make or break a law firm. But realistically, working with others can be tough and employees can be difficult to manage. You can’t fix or change everything about an employee (Would you really want several clones of yourself?). But a well-run ship is a saving grace for all and can constructively address most issues. So give employment management some serious thought and effort, and then step into action.

Here are seven things to do to become a better captain of the ship and improve employee relations:

  • Open that door wide to communicate. If you are closing your door to employee communication because you have too much work to do, you miss the news something is going sideways until it is too late. You are a team; you need to work together. Have an open-door policy.
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Marijuana and Driving: 2014 Update

marijuana law
Learn the two ways to prosecute driving under the influence of marijuana.

marijuana lawAs Washington’s first wave of pot shops opened in early July, it is high time for a quick recap of our state’s laws prohibiting stoned driving. It has been over a year since Bill Kirk’s excellent post on the myths and facts of Washington marijuana law, and DUI laws have since changed.

It is a crime to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. There are two ways that a prosecutor may prosecute driving under the influence of marijuana. Read more »


The World Cup from 14,000 Feet: A Travelogue

Globalization, poisoned rivers, human rights, and the World Cup.

BrazilRecently, I spent five weeks in Brazil and Peru. The trip was originally planned around three ostensibly disparate activities: teaching an intensive course on human rights and corporate responsibility to law students at Direito GV Law School in Sao Paulo; a Peruvian tour that combined a boat trip into the Amazon Basin and a four-day trek to Machu Picchu; and a World Cup game in Fortaleza, Brazil. Read more »


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