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Mission Possible

The Evolution of Online Marketing for Lawyers: Don’t Get Left Behind

Now is the time to ask how you can get started implementing online marketing tools to help grow your business!
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social media

Legal Ethics: Social Media Edition

Take a look at these stories about lawyers using — and sometimes abusing — social media.
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super hero

What if They Made a Superhero Movie About Lawyers?

NWLawyer editor Michael Heatherly’s proposed cast of characters for a hit lawyer film for our times.
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Friday 5: What’s in the September 2014 NWLawyer

social purpose corporation
Read articles ranging from the benefits of youth mock trial to a conversation on diversity with Justice Steven González.

September 2014 NWLawyerThe September 2014 issue of NWLawyer is out! From the benefits of youth mock trial to a conversation on diversity with Justice Steven González, this issue is packed with great articles. Read the September 2014 issue online.


Read Washington Supreme Court Opinions on Lawyer Discipline Online

Are you interested in reading Supreme Court opinions on lawyer discipline?

Are you interested in reading Supreme Court opinions on lawyer discipline? The Washington Supreme Court has the exclusive responsibility in Washington state to administer the lawyer discipline and disability system and to maintain appropriate standards of professional conduct. All lawyers admitted to practice law in Washington are subject to lawyer discipline. The lawyer discipline system protects the public by holding lawyers accountable for ethical misconduct. Disciplinary actions include admonition, reprimand, suspension up to three years, disbarment, restitution, and probation.

The Supreme Court issues written opinions in disciplinary cases it considers. To read the most recent written opinion, visit the Washington Courts website.

To read other recent written opinions, visit the WSBA website under Licensing and Lawyer Conduct.




Moving On Up: Tips for Smoothly Relocating Your Law Firm

moving day
Box everything up and ship it across the city. Simple as that, right? If only.

moving dayYour law firm is ready for a location change. Now it’s time to box everything up and ship it across the city. Simple as that, right? If only.

I am the firm administrator for a six-attorney office that, for the past several years, was located in downtown Kirkland. Our lease was ending in the upcoming year and we were ready for a change of scenery in downtown Seattle. Our law firm’s new lease was signed in the middle of April and we were moved out before the first day of June. With that short amount of notice, the move could have been very difficult, but we made it work. I’m happy to share a few tips that helped me complete our move quickly and (fairly) effortlessly.

Start early and get multiple bids. If your firm is thinking about moving, start looking at vendors who can help you out with your needs. That way, when a final decision is made to move and the lease is signed, you can review all of your options and choose the best fit right away. It is never too early to have all of the information you need. Read more »


Friday 5: Things to Do While You Wait for Your Bar Exam Results

Don’t sit on your laurels until the results are announced!

iStock_000022515394Small300You finished the bar exam. Hooray! And congrats! And wow! Now you can enjoy the sun, but don’t sit on your laurels until the results are announced. If you don’t have a job lined up and you want to know what is next, here are some ideas:

  1. Work on your vision and your mission. Vision is where you will be in however many months or years. Mission is what you will accomplish, who you will help, and what cause you will champion. A great way to ferret this out is to start writing. Call it a business plan, if that doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies. (Call it brainstorming or free-writing, if it does.) If you are looking for a job, call it your elevator pitch. Whatever you call it, zero in and drill down on what makes you tick and where you are going.
  2. Do a budget. Get real about how much money you need to make, wherever you land. If you haven’t done this already, you very plausibly need a reality check. Read more »

More Business Plan Magic: Part Two

path to success
Form a plan of action to continually address new challenges so your practice can grow and thrive!

path to successNo matter how good you are or how brilliant your idea for a firm is, there will be surprises after you start. You think one set of clients will flood in, but instead you get another set. You are impressed with one online marketing strategy at the beginning, only to be horrified six months later when the company is bought out and changes everything. Things change and assumptions are challenged by reality. Your business can be made better — more resilient — when you face these challenges.

But how do you face these challenges? The dreaded business plan again — that scary living document. Start a business plan or pull out your old plan and rework it. I like to reframe revisions as Major Projects Plans. To grow and thrive, you should be continually addressing and solving the problems you encounter with a plan of action. Enter the Major Projects Plan. Read more »


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