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Do You Have a Social Media Clause in Your Retainer Agreement?

A social media clause can protect you from false and negative online reviews.
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Models in Professionalism Are Often Cultural Competency Lessons

The March 2015 issue of NWLawyer features articles on the importance of cultural competency.
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3 Tips to Beat Procrastination

Quick tips to help you get back on track when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
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Repaying a Different Kind of Loan

Mentor and mentee meeting
Networking is a different way for lawyers to pay it forward.

Mentor and mentee meeting In my capacity as associate director of professional development at Seattle University School of Law, I work with students and alumni on crafting job search strategies. A big focus of my career counseling centers on encouraging students and grads to network. Even though networking is effective, it’s a tough sell.

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Recent Washington Supreme Court Decision: Disciplinary Proceeding Against Pfefer

A recent Washington Supreme Court decision reminds attorneys that clients expect, and the RPCs establish, due diligence.

A recent Washington Supreme Court decision highlights the importance of a lawyer’s professional duty to act diligently.

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Happy 200th birthday, Treaty of Ghent

Peace Arch separating the U.S. from Canada
2015 commemorates the bicentennial of the Treaty of Ghent. Discover its history and how it continues to affect American Indian rights today.

Peace Arch separating the U.S. from Canada

In February, the Treaty of Ghent marked its 200th birthday. The peace treaty was signed on Christmas Eve, 1814, and was ratified by the U.S. Senate on Feb. 16, 1815, ending the War of 1812. Read more »


Five Things that Have NOT Changed Since I Started Practicing Law

NWLawyer Editor Michael Heatherly on what hasn’t changed in the legal profession since he began practicing law.

In my last post, I described five significant changes in the practice of law that have developed since I got my license in 1991 (less conventional library research, paper replaced by e-documents, more emphasis on marketing, etc.). But in writing that piece, I couldn’t help but also think of the things that have not changed, despite the technological and societal transformations of the past couple of decades.

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Throwback Thursday: Adams County

Adams County on Washington mapFor Throwback Thursday, a look at Adams County, Washington.

Map of Adams County in WashingtonAs the WSBA celebrates its 125th year, it’s an opportunity to review the history of Bar members.

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