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Beware of Bad Check Scams Aimed at Lawyers

An overview of the most recent fraudulent check schemes that continue to plague law offices, what they look like, and how to spot them.
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Friday 5: Reasons Not to Live in Seattle

An abridged version of a Wenatchee native’s top 10 reasons not to live in Seattle — see the full list in the November 2014 NWLawyer.
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WSBA 125th anniversary

Happy 125th Birthday to Washington State — and the WSBA

Celebrating 125 years of Washington and the WSBA.
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Make the Most of Your Millennial

LOMAP’s advice on learning from and teaching the new generation of young professionals, from a millennial insider.


Now that millennials are here to stay, here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your younger workforce, from a voice with the inside scoop.

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Remembering Sher Kung

A tribute to Sher Kung’s life as an inspiring mother, fiancée, and lawyer, as well as information on contributing to her memorial fund.

I have struggled to write this post for Sher Kung. Like so many of us, I was privileged to know Sher. But I did not know her as well as other lawyers and worry that my words will be insufficient to acknowledge the loss to our legal community or to celebrate and honor her life and all the gifts Sher brought to the legal profession. The words that Sher lived by remind me, “Stop overanalyzing, life is simple.”

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Legal Tech Startup Weekend Post-Mortem

A recap of some of the projects that were brought to life at Seattle’s first-ever Legal Technology Startup Weekend.


When you last heard from us, we were in the buildup to Seattle’s first-ever Legal Technology Startup Weekend, held the weekend of Oct. 10, 2014, at WeWork. As a refresher, Startup Weekend is a nonprofit organization that hosts three-day competitions where teams develop and launch startup enterprises.

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Highlights of the 2014 WSBA 50-Year Member Luncheon

Honoring our 50-year WSBA members.

2014 50-year group Congratulations to our 54 members who celebrate 50 years of WSBA membership in 2014! Here are some highlights of the luncheon that took place on Oct. 24 at the Renaissance Seattle.

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Chilling Halloween-Law Cases from Washington

Halloween foggy night with pumpkins, tombstone, moon and bat.
A cauldron of hair-raising legal cases from here in Washington state, dating back to 1897.

A “tombstone” inscription from Purtell v. Mason.

Everyone has heard of the Stambovsky vAckley case, where the court found that, as a matter of law, a house was haunted. Stambovsky vAckley, 169 A.D.2d 254 (N.Y. App. Div. 1991). Other strange and spooky case law includes personal injuries from corn mazes or haunted houses, flammable costumes, and other supernatural and sordid tales.

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