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WSBA 125th anniversary

WSBA Turns 125: Read All About It in NWLawyer

A preview by NWLawyer editor Michael Heatherly on current and upcoming features for WSBA’s 125th anniversary.
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Doctor holding medical marijuana

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Marijuana Practice

For those considering going into marijuana law, some advice from two attorneys with a background in this burgeoning practice area.
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Holiday gifts for lawyers

Friday 5: Holiday Gifts for Lawyers

Great holiday gifts for your favorite lawyer.
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Recent Articles


A Brief History of the Thanksgiving Turkey

A look back at the evolution of the traditional turkey dinner — and happy Thanksgiving from WSBA!

thanksgiving dinner

This week, many of us will sit down to a gluttonous holiday feast with a roasted (or deep-fried) turkey as the centerpiece. But when and how did this bird become a Thanksgiving must-have?

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Immigration Reform Implications for High-tech Workers and Entrepreneurs

Green card and gavel on flag
Immigration reform takeaways for high-tech workers and entrepreneurs.

Green card and gavel on flag

The actions announced by President Obama on Nov. 20 will affect not only millions of undocumented individuals but also many American businesses, foreign national employees and their families, and certain highly skilled innovators.

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Friday 5: Implications of Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

Citizens being sworn in at a courthouse
In light of the president’s executive action, immigrant families have new options.

Citizens being sworn in at a courthouse

Yesterday was a big, big deal in immigration law. Whether you view the president’s announcement as executive tyranny or — as I do — a long-overdue reprieve, here are some of the core implications for families.

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Beware of Bad Check Scams Aimed at Lawyers

An overview of the most recent fraudulent check schemes that continue to plague law offices, what they look like, and how to spot them.


This post serves as a follow-up to the blog post, “Don’t Fall for Email Check Scams,” published in 2012.

Unfortunately, in the world of fraud, “bad check” scams targeting lawyers show no signs of going away, and in many cases seem to be getting more sophisticated.

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Friday 5: Reasons Not to Live in Seattle

An abridged version of a Wenatchee native’s top 10 reasons not to live in Seattle — see the full list in the November 2014 NWLawyer.

There are plenty of reasons to live in Seattle… and just as many not to. Allison Peryea graciously narrowed it down to just a handful for this week’s Friday 5. See our “Top 10 Reasons Not to Live in Seattle,” plus more all-in-good-fun Seattle-bashing, in the November 2014 “Not-Seattle” issue of NWLawyer!

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