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More Business Plan Magic: Part Two

No matter how good you are or how brilliant your idea for a firm is, there will be surprises after you start. You think one set of clients will flood in, but instead you get another set. You are impressed with one online marketing strategy at the beginning, only to be horrified six months later […]

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Succession Planning for the Law Firm

Recently, someone told me that succession planning for her firm didn’t sound interesting at all and she didn’t need it because she was a millennial. I hadn’t bought into the “millennials think they are invincible” theory completely until that moment. Well, I’m here to tell you the bad news: Unpredictable things happen to everyone — […]

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7 Tips to Better Employee Management

There is a reason payroll is your biggest cost: you pay the most for your biggest asset. Employees make or break a law firm. But realistically, working with others can be tough and employees can be difficult to manage. You can’t fix or change everything about an employee (Would you really want several clones of […]

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The Mighty Business Plan: Part One

In the June WSBA Legal Lunchbox CLE, a poll was taken. One of the questions was, “How many of you have a business plan currently?” After 495 people responded the numbers were tallied. Less than 20% of the viewers had a business plan. Some of that could be attributed to the viewership not all being business owners […]

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Windows XP: After the Funeral

April 8, 2014, marked the end of support to Windows XP. Microsoft says it will push some security updates until 2015, but it is time to be proactive and decide what to do to protect your system, if you still have Windows XP. Option 1: Install an alternative operating system. “Upgrade” to Windows 8.1. Be […]

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Heartbleed and Passwords: What Lawyers Need to Know

Heartbleed (a cooler name for a computer bug was never found!) has blown our sense of Internet security. Not only did it leave a wee backdoor open on nearly any site using OpenSSL, giving hackers potential open season on collecting your passwords to many of the sites you use regularly, but it potentially made your […]

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Three Remarkable Benefits of Mentoring

Gain new perspective and become a better lawyer by mentoring. Everyone knows a new attorney needs mentors. The mentee gets invaluable benefits from a successful mentor-mentee relationship. The harder benefits to calculate are the mentor’s, though we often hear the familiar drumbeat of an opportunity to “give back” and the rewards of “staying connected” (all […]

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Weekly Words from President Palace: Week of Jan. 30

Read WSBA President Patrick Palace’s Jan. 30 update. On Saturday, Jan. 25, the day after our Board of Governors meeting, I addressed the  Washington Leadership Institute (WLI) Fellows on the topic of leadership. WLI had “Session 1” of its WLI Leadership Training on the 24th and 25th. Here is the agenda so that you could […]

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A Guide to Creative Cursing at Work

Is swearing at work ever okay? Check out one attorney’s guidelines and tell us about your own. As a teenager, I decided expletives were no longer off-limits to me. While I didn’t call it this, I developed a nuanced contextual analysis to determine where and when to swear, instead of an across-the-board moratorium. There were […]

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Navigating the Affordable Care Act — 10 Ways Women Win

Learn how about the ACA’s strides in women’s healthcare in this ongoing series from LOMAP. Read other posts from our Navigating the Affordable Care Act series.  Women made great strides in equal treatment under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), though it seems this is one of the best-kept secrets about the health care law. A recent […]

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