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Exercise Can Make You a Better Lawyer

Some people might think there isn’t enough time in the day to be both a serious lawyer and a serious athlete. I disagree. In fact, I think some of the skills athletes must develop can actually improve and enhance a lawyer’s abilities, too — which makes it well worth your time.

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Mentor and mentee meeting

Repaying a Different Kind of Loan

In my capacity as associate director of professional development at Seattle University School of Law, I work with students and alumni on crafting job search strategies. A big focus of my career counseling centers on encouraging students and grads to network. Even though networking is effective, it’s a tough sell.

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Friday 5: Reasons Not to Live in Seattle

There are plenty of reasons to live in Seattle… and just as many not to. Allison Peryea graciously narrowed it down to just a handful for this week’s Friday 5. See our “Top 10 Reasons Not to Live in Seattle,” plus more all-in-good-fun Seattle-bashing, in the November 2014 “Not-Seattle” issue of NWLawyer!

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Mission Possible

Mission Possible: Post-Launch Debrief

Mission Possible launched Oct. 1 — a webcast of 30-minute overarching segments on the new legal market and new practitioner, smart marketing, emerging business models, and 15-minute spotlight pieces by leading minds exemplifying key ideas within those broad-stroke concepts.

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What Was Wrong with My Trial Game

Great lessons are learned in the field. But how do you prepare for the game when you don’t even know the plays? It can be helpful to learn from the mistakes of others, but it can be quite a challenge to find someone willing to share their mistakes.

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Courthouse Dogs Enhance the Fact-Finding Process

We have all seen a veteran describing a traumatic event on the battlefield start to choke up, weep, and become so overwhelmed with emotion that he is unable to continue speaking. The same thing can happen to vulnerable witnesses, especially children, when describing a traumatic event to a jury.

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Networking 102: Tips for events

You’ve heard about the importance of networking, you’ve seen a few tips about gearing up to network, now it’s time to take it to the next level: actual networking. Really, what is “networking”? It’s about connecting with others through a commonality: a chosen career, a volunteer opportunity, a cause you’re both passionate about. That connection needs […]

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