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Interested in Being a Young Lawyer Liaison to Sections? You Should Be

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A young lawyers shaking handsThe Young Lawyer Liaisons to Sections provide a vital link between new and young lawyers and WSBA’s sections, opening new leadership opportunities while also strengthening connections with WSBA sections.

Jordan Couch, a workers’ compensation attorney for Palace Law, is one such liaison. Couch’s term as the Solo and Small Practice section liaison is expiring this year. We asked him about his time as a liaison, what he’s learned from it, and why he thinks it’s valuable for new and young lawyers. Read more »


12 Attorneys, a Call to Action, and 5 Minutes

Five Minutes logo
When attorney Aneelah Afzali issued a call to action, the Washington Leadership Institute responded with “Five Minutes.”

Five Minutes logoAround a large conference table at Perkins Coie in Seattle, twelve young attorneys of the Washington Leadership Institute listened attentively as a local Muslim-American lawyer spoke about media portrayal of Islam. The lawyer, Aneelah Afzali, issued a call to action, urging her audience to know Muslim people and challenge the media’s portrayal of Islam. Read more »


Top 5 Reasons Not to Miss Open Sections Night

Prizes, appetizers, and networking benefits await you at WSBA annual Fall Open Sections Night on Wednesday, Nov. 1, in Tacoma.

Is there a WSBA section that fits your practice area(s)? What benefits will you receive as a section member? Find out at the Washington State Bar Association’s annual Fall Open Sections Night Wednesday, Nov. 1, in Tacoma for the first time. It’s a free event that connects new and young WSBA members, law students, and the highly experienced leaders of WSBA sections. Read more »


It’s Here: The September Issue of NWLawyer

Cover of NWLawyer September 2017
Learn cross-examination tips from one of the state’s leading trial lawyers in the September issue.

Cover of NWLawyer September 2017Inside the latest issue of NWLawyer, you’ll find: cross-examination tips from one of the state’s leading trial lawyers; an in-depth look at the use of police body-worn cameras in Washington; and an exploration of mandatory malpractice insurance. You can also take our 11-question quiz to test your knowledge on gender barriers. See how much you know about ways to end gender stereotypes and learn how to help advance women in the legal profession. Read more »


Help Law Students Shop Without Spending a Dime

A mannequin in a pop up shop
If you’re a law student, how do you dress for the job you want on the budget you currently have?

A mannequin in a pop up shopIf you’re a law student, how do you dress for the job you want on the budget you currently have?

I’ve worked in Seattle University School of Law’s Center for Professional Development (CPD) since 2008, and during that time I’ve encouraged students to “dress for success” and “be the best dressed person in the room” and, yes, “dress for the jobs they want.” But what do these platitudes mean when confronted with a tight student budget? Suits are expensive and getting properly fitted and styled sometimes comes with additional costs. Read more »