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Meet the New WSBA Law School Representatives

Each of the three law schools in Washington state has a student government position dedicated to connecting law students with WSBA programs and initiatives and to support the broader legal community. WSBA is excited to introduce you to the law student representatives elected this spring to serve during the 2017-2018 school year!

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Courthouse Dogs Enhance the Fact-Finding Process

We have all seen a veteran describing a traumatic event on the battlefield start to choke up, weep, and become so overwhelmed with emotion that he is unable to continue speaking. The same thing can happen to vulnerable witnesses, especially children, when describing a traumatic event to a jury.

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Practice Safe Law

Get your ethics-education with these resources! You’re starting to mature into your practice, I can see that. You’re discovering new documents in new places and you’re developing new feelings toward judges, juries, and jurisdictions. I see that you’ve also started to notice clients. Hey, I don’t blame you! Clients are the yin to the attorney’s […]

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The Sartorial Lawyer — Part 2: Tips for Women

Floral patterns and pops of color prevail this Spring. Get tips to update your wardrobe for the season. Spring is finally here, and with it comes the annual challenge of dressing appropriately in warmer weather. Part 1 of our series focused on wardrobe tips for men, so today we’ll focus on women’s fashion. If you […]

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The Sartorial Lawyer — Part 1: Tips for Men

Spring is here! But how exactly does one dress for spring? And, more importantly, how do attorneys dress for spring? Spring is here! Fashionably speaking, it is time to put away the heavy winter coats, woolen gloves, and scarves. But how exactly does one dress for spring? And, more importantly, how do attorneys dress for […]

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