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The Well-Being Pledge: A National Effort to Help Attorneys

Earlier this year the American Bar Association, in collaboration with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, conducted the first ever national study on lawyer impairment. This landmark study discovered that more than 20% of attorneys have consistent problematic drinking, nearly one-third report some level of depression, and 11% of attorneys have contemplated suicide at some point […]

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Meet the New WSBA President in the Latest Issue of NWLawyer

What do you get when you combine the set for “Seussical the Musical,” 400 Olympia teenagers, and … small-claims hearings? Why it’s Court in the Classroom, of course. Noel Brady breaks down how Thurston County District Court is bringing real-life courtroom experiences to students. In the latest issue of NWLawyer, you’ll also formally meet the […]

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How Perkins Coie Makes Pro Bono Happen

At Perkins Coie, our work ranges from high-profile impact litigation to bring about systemic change to limited-scope assistance to individuals in legal clinics. In 2017, our attorneys provided over 56,000 hours of pro bono legal work across the firm, with over 16,000 hours devoted in the Seattle area. To start, our firm’s institutional commitment includes […]

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Demystifying the Qui Tam Process

There’s No Such Thing as an Average False Claims Case Defendants in qui tam lawsuits—in which a whistleblower accuses someone, usually a corporation, of fraud against the government—often don’t realize they’ve been targeted until months, or sometimes years, past the original filing date. This is deliberate: The federal False Claims Act (FCA) requires whistleblowers to […]

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Amazon Freedom

Amazon’s Legal Team Brought Pro Bono to the Innocence Project Northwest

Here’s how online magazine Corporate Counsel described the partnership: “When Jennifer Brown isn’t working on compliance issues like food and product safety or on environmental health issues for Seattle-based Inc., she’s been known to spend hours at a time scouring court documents from cases involving those held behind bars in the Pacific Northwest.” But […]

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Amazon Justice League Prime for Pro Bono

Fifty years ago, low-income Washington residents were on their own if they needed legal help for a civil matter. That all changed with the Economic Opportunity Act, federal funding to help poor people in the U.S. that ultimately led to the development of the first Office of Economic Opportunity legal services in Washington. Today, civil […]

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